Thursday, September 09, 2010

Moving my blog

I've moved! Although blogger is great, they don't have a good iphone interface, so I've hopped over to wordpress. Come stop by!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crowded backseat

We drove bro back to OR to pick up his car and head back home to LA. I offered multiple times to sit in the backseat with the two dogs, but he said he didn't mind. At one point I looked back and this is what I saw....

Note how my puppy is not only nuzzled against him, but also has her leg fully wrapped around him. Yeah, she's a snuggler!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Whistler camping

Phil's family is spread out over the west coast - his bro is in LA, parents in OR and we are in NW WA (how do you like all those initials?). We were so excited when bro announced he was coming for a visit in August during his time off to do some mountain biking. Parents heard about it and thought they would tag along as well. And thus began the gong show that is family vacation!

Now let me expand on that last statement - by gong show I mean the usual hilarity that ensues when you bring grown children back together with their parents, toss in an in-law (that would be me), 2 dogs and a camping trip. We had a great time! The boys did a bunch of biking, the parents did the zip trek course, and I curled up with a book beside the river - HEAVEN!!!

This was my view for my morning coffee...

On top of the peak at Whistler

Riding the Peak to Peak

We had a great few days together and really got to enjoy whistler!