Thursday, May 27, 2010

The trek home

After two wonderful weeks in California, it was time to head home. I decided to just suck it up and make the trip in one day. So I got up at 3:45AM, hopped in car and off I went. The drive was great all through northern California.

As soon as I crossed the state line in Oregon the clouds increased and before i knew it, rain was pouring down. But I was still making good time.

I stopped at Phil's parents house in Oregon to drop some stuff off and pick other stuff up. I quickly repacked the car, grabbed a quick bite, then hit the road again, determined to beat traffic.

Too bad it didn't work. In Portland there was an accident that backed up the highway. I finally cleared that, then 70 miles north there was another accident near Centralia. From there to north of Seattle, it was a game. 15 miles of cruising at 60 mph, then back to stop and go. Then cruise for a bit. Then back to stop and go. All. The. Way! I was so frustrated by this point and I just wanted to go home.

Finally when I got north of Seattle the highway started cruising a bit.

The final laugh of the day though came at my exit. I decided to take the 2nd exit to Ferndale to see how construction was coming along on a road project. The joke was on me - construction was going so well that the road was completely shut down. And to make it worse, I couldn't even get back on the highway to go back to the other exit. So, within minutes of home, i had to take another detour.

When I finally pulled into the garage, I got out, and collapsed onto our freshly mowed lawn and just layed there for  a few minutes. 4am to 7:30PM..... I was glad to be home!

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Karen said...

Don't EVEN get me started on the construction in Ferndale, the mess its still causing, and how again, as typical to Ferndale - nothing will get better whenever it does get done. Sorry you got caught, though. That is awful!