Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tacky tourist

I hate looking like a tourist. When we were in Europe we ran into the quintessential tacky tourists - they were fat, loud north americans, with awful patterned sweat pants, fanny packs, and cameras hanging around their necks, who spent most of their time complaining about how things were different! Since the moment I saw them, I swore that I would NEVER look or sound like that.

So when I'm traveling, I try to always look stylish, still wear cute shoes, and use a normal purse rather than a traveling backpack. Such was the case as we took the BART into San Francisco last week. I kept my camera nicely tucked away and walked with an air of confidence that declared I was a local. Of course I'm not, but whatever.

As we got to Pier 39, I realized the ridiculousness of my little charade. I was at Pier 39.... it doesn't get much more touristy than that! So I embraced the moment, got out my camera, and just kept it around my wrist. I ate over priced fish and chips, and a yummy bowl of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I bought cheesy magnets that say Fisherman's Wharf and even posed by the sign for a pic... and I loved every moment of it!

Posing with Alcatraz in the background

Phil on Pier 39

Watching all the fat sea lions

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