Saturday, May 08, 2010


After 5 years of marriage, Phil and i have decided to expand our family. So... we're getting a puppy! And you all thought I was going to say we were pregnant! HA!

We've been talking about getting a dog for years and finally the time seems right, mostly because school is finally finished! It's a big jump in responsibility for us. We're used to the cats which you can easily leave for the weekend by loading up their food dishes. It's going to be weird having so many daily tasks and responsibilities associated with a dog, but we're excited for it.

We are getting the dog through friends of family. We've seen the litter twice now - they are half black lab, half german pointer. We went this week and decided on the one to take home! There were 4 puppies in the litter - 3 black and 1 yellow. One of the black dogs is a boy, the rest are girls.

We are getting the yellow puppy because she has the most personality by far! When we got there she immediately came up to me to start playing! She's so cute and I can't wait to bring her home!

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