Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dough hook virgin

As many of you know, I LOVE to bake! When I come home from an uber stressful day, I either want to go for a run, or bake something... or both. It just completely de-stresses me.

Generally I stay away from baking bread products. I'll admit it - I'm not that good at it. I suck at kneading dough. Furthermore, my counter is tile and the flour gets stuck in the grouting and it's hard to get off... I know, lame excuse.

This evening I decided to go on an Easter baking binge! I'm making hot cross buns, and Cinnabon style cinnamon buns! I made the hot cross buns dough the traditional way - wooden spoon and lots of kneading. I'm never completely satisfied with the consistency though. For the cinnamon buns I decided to try the dough hook on my kitchenaid mixer. WOW!!!! I was amazed! Dump in all the ingredients, set it to go, and within 10 minutes beautiful, perfect consistency dough! I'm so impressed.

I may have to start experimenting with more bread baking!

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