Monday, March 15, 2010

Olympic pics

Better late than never! Finally, here are some olympic pics! For security reasons, I'm not supposed to post any pictures from inside athletes village (which is where the clinic was) until after the paraolympics are over. So watch for clinic pics then!

Phil came up to spend the day with me and explore Whistler during the olympics.

We posed by the rings! Funny story about these - everyone of course wanted to get their picture by these rings. So, people began to form their own queue to take turns. There was no sign, no one directing them, people just did it themselves. So Canadian!

We dropped by Jamaica house and looked at the Jamaica Bobsled t-shirts.

They had a HUGE screen set up at skiers plaza that showed olympic events all day. This picture does not do it justice, but at least you get the gist of it. There was often a huge crowd huddled around this area.

Posing by the nice scenery.

Everyone kept asking me about my uniform - here it is! They did a great job in designing them.

The ongoing joke was that we looked like smurfs! That even became our nickname. Whenever we were referring to volunteers, we generally just called them smurfs. Here i am completely "smurfed up" with my toque (that would be a stocking cap for my American friends) and the jacket.

With my friend Jen before heading out for our last shift! Bittersweet.

Mounties! They were leading a parade through the village.

Our gold-winning bobsled team!

On the bus ride home the girl in front of me had worked at medals plaza. They had extra bouquets so they gave her one! They are pretty nice.

That's it for now!

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