Saturday, March 20, 2010

Changing styles

I started yesterday at the hair dresser. Got my locks touched up and trimmed. My delightful stylist Jenny decided that she wanted to curl my hair instead of the usual straight. So I left the salon in my heels, cute pink blazer, and Miss-Texas-style-go-big-or-go-home-hair (Shawna - you know what I'm talking about!) and went to meet a friend for lunch.

Later in the afternoon I changed into biker mode. I try to still look a bit feminine when I'm riding, hence the purple. Although by the end, the purple is splattered in mud.

We rushed home after the ride and within 15 minutes I had showered and changed my style again - into the cute yoga pants and hoodie look. 

Wow - pretty versatile for one day! Just wish that I had photos for the whole day!

1 comment:

Shawna said...

Seriously are one versatile woman! And brave, look at all those protection pads!!! Geesh Woman!

I can rock Texas curls, but I don't know about trail riding :P