Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm virtually ALWAYS cold. Seriously, it can be summer, and I'll be cold. I've learned to adapt by wearing warm clothes, investing in good slippers, and always having blankets around. 

My dear brother in law knows this and got me a wonderful snuggie type blanket for Christmas. 

Ironically, our friend who keeps his house at 60 F was cold at our place the other night. 

So we bundled him up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Future photogs

I'm always amazed at how tech-savy kids are! I spent Friday with my good friend Julia and her 4 year old son. He tapped his fingers on the iTouch much the way my hubby would, like a total confident pro. Later we asked him to snap some pictures of us - and I was quite impressed with the results!

He cut our heads off a bit here, but overall, pretty good for a 4 year old.

He then experimented with some self portraits :)

But isn't he just so cute?

This shot was taken by Julia, hence the slightly steadier hand. We had a wonderful afternoon soaking up the sun on the deck! Love spring!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is in the air

It's still raining. When I look out my window all I see is gray. It's nasty out there. Looks just like winter.

But when I went out to pick up the newspaper I noticed something - the chill in the air was gone. I wouldn't say that the day was warm, but more that the bite of cold was gone.

Hello spring - I love you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Changing styles

I started yesterday at the hair dresser. Got my locks touched up and trimmed. My delightful stylist Jenny decided that she wanted to curl my hair instead of the usual straight. So I left the salon in my heels, cute pink blazer, and Miss-Texas-style-go-big-or-go-home-hair (Shawna - you know what I'm talking about!) and went to meet a friend for lunch.

Later in the afternoon I changed into biker mode. I try to still look a bit feminine when I'm riding, hence the purple. Although by the end, the purple is splattered in mud.

We rushed home after the ride and within 15 minutes I had showered and changed my style again - into the cute yoga pants and hoodie look. 

Wow - pretty versatile for one day! Just wish that I had photos for the whole day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Fun

I had a WONDERFUL birthday last week! It started with my lovely flowers, and ended with a romantic dinner out! We went to Anthony's on the water in Bellingham and feasted on yummy seafood and $3 martinis... yes, you read that right $3! I had a cosmo and a lemon drop - YUMMY!!! They have an incredible happy hour menu that we gladly enjoyed!

The next morning we went to my mum's for brunch. She made cinabon style cinnamon buns and her famous potato pancakes! Shredded potatoes, bacon and onion, all held together with a light batter - incredible. They were always a part of our camping trips when we were kids and I haven't had them in years!

Although Emmalea was shy, Sienna was happy to pose with us!

This was Emmalea's preferred pose! :)

Wonderful morning with family and good food!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When I found out that I would be in Whistler for 10 days I looked online for event tickets. Unfortunately, nothing was available. 

Or so I thought. I discovered that although tickets were all sold out online, there were still many available at the ticket office, and surprisingly affordable. The women's biathalon relay tickets were only $25, but I was working that day. So I found something even better - women's bobsled finals for only $40! I quickly called Phil to see if he could make it for the event, and bought our tickets! 

Here are the massive lines to clear security.

Waiting for the race to start! We were all bundled up and thankfully it didn't rain too much.

One of my friends showing some patriotism.

Check out how close to the track we are!

For the last heat we went down even closer to the track. I screamed my face off, rang my cowbell like my life depended on it and jumped with glee! Oh yeah - definitely one of those moments that makes your mama proud! haha!

The tickets for the grandstand costs twice as much - I think we had better spots though!

This is the hill at the end of the track to slow them down after the finish line.

One of the sleds ripping by on the final turn!

As crazy as the crowd went for all the sleds, particularly the Canadians, the same crowd became eerily quiet whenever there was a crash. There was a big screen to watch the sled coming down the track before we got to actually see them in the final turn. When a sled would tip, there was a collective gasp and then everyone held their breath. We all cringed together as the sled came ripping by upside down making such horrible noises. And then we would wait and continue holding our breath.... until the athletes stood got out of the sled, stood up and waved.

And then the crowd went CRAZY!!!!! People would cheer so loud! The loudest cheers of the night definitely went to the German bobsledder who crashed, THEN FELL OUT THE BACK OF THE SLED! She went flying down the track and finally stopped in the final turn where paramedics raced to her. She sat there for a moment before getting up and waving to the crowd. WOW! What an incredible woman!

My countries owned the podium that night! Gold and silver for Canada, bronze for the US! What a night! One of the smurfs (see my previous post for the smurf explanation) came running by with a huge Canadian flag!

Could not have asked for a better event to attend! It was incredible, once in a lifetime olympic experience that I will never forget!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Olympic pics

Better late than never! Finally, here are some olympic pics! For security reasons, I'm not supposed to post any pictures from inside athletes village (which is where the clinic was) until after the paraolympics are over. So watch for clinic pics then!

Phil came up to spend the day with me and explore Whistler during the olympics.

We posed by the rings! Funny story about these - everyone of course wanted to get their picture by these rings. So, people began to form their own queue to take turns. There was no sign, no one directing them, people just did it themselves. So Canadian!

We dropped by Jamaica house and looked at the Jamaica Bobsled t-shirts.

They had a HUGE screen set up at skiers plaza that showed olympic events all day. This picture does not do it justice, but at least you get the gist of it. There was often a huge crowd huddled around this area.

Posing by the nice scenery.

Everyone kept asking me about my uniform - here it is! They did a great job in designing them.

The ongoing joke was that we looked like smurfs! That even became our nickname. Whenever we were referring to volunteers, we generally just called them smurfs. Here i am completely "smurfed up" with my toque (that would be a stocking cap for my American friends) and the jacket.

With my friend Jen before heading out for our last shift! Bittersweet.

Mounties! They were leading a parade through the village.

Our gold-winning bobsled team!

On the bus ride home the girl in front of me had worked at medals plaza. They had extra bouquets so they gave her one! They are pretty nice.

That's it for now!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


PODS - Post Olympic Depression Syndrome.

We all talked about it at the clinic. We all knew it was coming. Some were in denial, but most were just delaying thinking about it. They would simply deal with it when they got home. PODS became a source of jokes, and is regularly mentioned on our facebook page.

After the high of working at the olympics, going home to reality simply seems like a low. For several weeks we were all living, working, eating, celebrating and partying together.... and all at the Olympics! It was so amazing, and such a high!

But then I came home. Back to school, back to reality.

PODS did not set in initially - I was just so happy to be home and see my hubby again!

But then PODS hit - and it hit hard! For me, it manifested itself as a cold - a nasty, brutal, long lasting cold! For nearly two weeks I sneezed, sniffled, coughed and generally felt like I had been hit by a truck. I took 2 sick days in one week! I NEVER take sick days - seriously, I think that i've taken 3 sick days in the last 5 years combined!

Thankfully, I'm feeling better. News of the paraolympics has me itching to get back to the clinic in Whistler. However, I have decided to just stay home, for many different reasons. I think that I'll just sit back and watch this one from TV.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good morning

Woke up to this today!

My hubby sure knows how to start my birthday right! Included in this lovely package was an incredibly sweet card, a new camera case, and some charms for my bracelet.

In the card he said that he didn't take me on a trip, or get me a puppy (we've been talking a lot about that lately), but that he got me the next best thing. I was a bit confused until I saw the charms: a piece of luggage, a puppy, and a pretty pink glass bead. So he did get me travel, a dog, and a bright shinny object! My favorite things!