Friday, February 05, 2010


I'm a Canadian girl, who lives in the US. And I love the US and I love living here. I feel very lucky to call two of the greatest nations on earth home. Some people find it a betrayal that I show love for the US as well. However, it has always bugged me when people live in a country, but don't love that country and always talk about their home country. If you love your home country that much, go back.

That being said, I truly love both of my countries.

But then comes the Olympics....

Sorry America, I gotta cheer for Canada. BECAUSE CANADA IS GOING TO WIN THE MOST MEDALS! Basically, Canada is going to kick all kinds of ass at these olympics!

I'm up in Whistler village right now and the torch is coming through in an hour. There is an energy and excitement in the village that I have never witnessed before. As much as some people may have their objections to these games, I am proud that we are hosting the games and proud for the patriotism that it has brought out in Canadians. It's so great to be in Vancouver and Whistler and see a sea of red and white. It does my heart good.

So for the next several weeks, my allegiance lies completely with Canada.


Here is the torch relay flag that I got in the village today.

I'm off to enjoy the festivities!

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Karen said...

That's OK - we still love you! =) Now you'll totally have to frame your flag! So jealous - have fun!!!