Thursday, February 25, 2010


Had a VERY canadian afternoon - I sat in a bar at my hotel, drank 3 beers (1 per period) and watched our women take gold in hockey! I chatted and celebrated with strangers. It doesn't get much more Canadian than that!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Rode up to Whistler this morning, a trip I have taken many times in the past few years. The weather was perfect with clear blue skies creating the most amazing views EVER! Best of all - I got to enjoy it from the comfort of my seat high up in the coach bus!

Whistler village is again alive with excitement. The sun has brought even more people out to the sidewalks to wander, shop, and watch the games at the large outdoor screens.

I'm up here for 10 days now - until the end of the games. I'm so excited! My biggest challenge is going to be getting all my homework done while I'm here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get your red on

I have this picture posted on my Facebook, but figure that I should probably post it on here too.

I'm showing my true colors!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic torch in Whistler

I'm a few weeks late with this post - sorry.

When I went up to Whistler for my first shift, I arrived on Friday afternoon, checked into my hotel, then set out in the village searching for lunch. As I ate as the new soup shop (so yummy by the way) I overheard some people talking and realized that the Olympic torch was coming through the village - THAT NIGHT! I was so freaking excited!!!!

I met up with my roommate and we set out for skiers plaza where there was the BIGGEST party happening. Thousands of people all packed in, cheering and having fun. The announcer asked who was there from another country and a huge part of the crowd cheered. Then we got our cheer going GO CANADA GO - being chanted by thousands of people. Incredible!!

Here's my roommate and I.

The beach balls flying around the crowd

The torch being passed at the top of the hill - some famous skier then skied it down (sorry don't know who it was)

Close up of the lighting

Torch passing about 10 feet in front of me!!!!!

After that party, we wandered through the village looking for dinner. We managed to get one of the last tables inside at Le Brasserie and had a wonderful dinner. The village was PACKED with people celebrating and it was so exciting.

And this was all one week before the games actually started!

Here I am in the village that night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Live from Whistler!

Good morning! I am blogging this LIVE from the clinic in Whistler's Athletes Village! Been meaning to update the blog with olympic info, but my schedule has been a bit nuts!

So first, a bit about my role here. My official title is Nurse Athlete Care. I'm working in the polyclinic inside the athletes village at Whistler. What's a polyclinic you may ask? It's a medical clinic that offers emergency services, plus optometry, dental, massage, chiropractic, and physio. We have x-ray, CT scanner, MRI plus a lab. On top of all that, we have basically every specialty on call.

That is all in the main clinic. Attached behind our clinic is our MMU - Mobile Medical Unit. This is the pride and joy of our clinic and one of the reasons that we got the bid for the olympics. Part of our bid proposal was that we would have a medical unit up here capable of handling major trauma. Since the Whistler clinic is so small, and will inevitably be inundated with spectators, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) wanted up to have the capability of treating athletes and workforce members.

We are very proud of our MMU because of it's capabilities - it has the capacity to be a 6 bed ICU, is a complete trauma bay, plus has a fully functioning OR (operating room). Ideally no surgeries will actually be done here. Our role is to stabilize the trauma cases and then fly them out. However, if the need presents itself, we can do life or limb surgery here. We have some phenomenal trauma surgeons on our team, but we are really hoping to not use their skills.

So who comes in here? We are treating any workforce members that come in, mostly for first aid type of things. We are also working in conjuction with the team doctors to provide care for their athletes.

Some of you may be wondering, if we are the ones that treat athletes, did the luger who crashed come in here? Yes, he did. Thankfully, I was not on shift! However, I did come in on the night shift after it happened and the nurses were pretty shook up. We are praying that is the last trauma we have to deal with.

There's my role in a nutshell! I'm back and forth between home and Whistler several times during the games, while also working hard on my coursework. It's crazy busy (what else is new for me), but so worth it because I'm having the time of my life!

Due to security precautions, I can't post any pictures until after the games. But don't worry - I'm taking tons and will post them as soon as I can.

In the meantime, GO CANADA GO!!!!

Friday, February 05, 2010


I'm a Canadian girl, who lives in the US. And I love the US and I love living here. I feel very lucky to call two of the greatest nations on earth home. Some people find it a betrayal that I show love for the US as well. However, it has always bugged me when people live in a country, but don't love that country and always talk about their home country. If you love your home country that much, go back.

That being said, I truly love both of my countries.

But then comes the Olympics....

Sorry America, I gotta cheer for Canada. BECAUSE CANADA IS GOING TO WIN THE MOST MEDALS! Basically, Canada is going to kick all kinds of ass at these olympics!

I'm up in Whistler village right now and the torch is coming through in an hour. There is an energy and excitement in the village that I have never witnessed before. As much as some people may have their objections to these games, I am proud that we are hosting the games and proud for the patriotism that it has brought out in Canadians. It's so great to be in Vancouver and Whistler and see a sea of red and white. It does my heart good.

So for the next several weeks, my allegiance lies completely with Canada.


Here is the torch relay flag that I got in the village today.

I'm off to enjoy the festivities!