Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heartbreak for Haiti

My heart is breaking for Haiti. Every morning I watch the CNN while I'm at the gym (there is NOTHING else on at 5am!!!). The past few days as I've been close to tears as I watch the scenes of devastation and despair. These people are literally struggling to survive.

This morning they had a medical correspondent on CNN - he said they need BASIC things such as fluid, bandages, pain medications and antibiotics. Many of these things are mere cents. And yet, they don't have them, and many people with die without them.

As I watch, I wish that I could go there. I wish that I could be on the ground helping. If I weren't in school right now, I would probably be looking at relief agency websites. But since I can't go, I will have to continue with what I'm doing: pray, donate, and make sure the Haitians are not forgotten.

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