Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 in review

What a year! 2009 was a truly great year full of adventures and fun. Looking back on my blog from the past few years I see three big trends: school, travel, and outdoor adventures. 2009 was packed with all of those!

Of course the big highlight was graduating! In May I walked the stage in my cap and gown and celebrated surviving 20 months of hell - also known as nursing school! I passed both my Canadian and American nursing exams and also started on my critical care certification.

We managed to fit quite a bit of travel in this year too! We started the year with a weekend trip to Leavenworth to celebrate Phil's 30th birthday. Next, we went to Oklahoma (and surrounding states) and Arizona in February to visit friends. A few weeks later we found ourselves in Colorado for a long weekend of boarding - and I soon found myself wishing that we lived in Colorado. Loved it there! Summer started with a trip back to Leavenworth, then many trips to Whistler! November started with a trip to Portland and ended with an amazing tour of New England!

In terms of outdoor adventures, boarding and mountain biking dominated the year! I tried several new resorts and actually improved quite a bit at boarding. Phil and I both started mountain biking this summer. Of course Phil took on the new sport with an obsessive passion going countless times (although the truth is he could tell you exactly how many times he went). I took the sport more in moderation, but thoroughly enjoyed it. After my epic crash at Whistler in September, I had to take a few weeks off, but managed to make it back up one more time before the season ended. Six weeks after biking at Whistler, we were there boarding for the first time of the season.

I couldn't have asked for more in 2009! I accomplished several big goals, traveled a lot and had tons of fun! Looking forward to 2010!

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