Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Whistler would not honor their coupon

On Sunday November 22, Phil and I went to Whistler eager to enjoy all the fresh powder. Whistler had opened early (as announced on their website), before it's planned November 26th opening. It was my first time going to Whistler and I was quite excited. We got up early, drove the lovely new Sea to Sky highway, and arrived at the ticket desk with our coupon from the Portland Ski and Snow Show.

The coupon is clearly a 2 for 1, as pictured below. It states that it's valid from Opening - Dec 18 then goes on to list the dates it's valid.
Whistler refused to honor the coupon! They stated that they were not officially open so they could not honor it.

Hmm... are people going up the lifts? Yes. Are they skiing and boarding down? Yes. Are you selling tickets to people? Yes. So, how are you not open?

We were told that they had not "officially" opened. "Official" opening would be as scheduled on Nov 26, when the whole mountain would open.

The service agent was very nice, but she explained that they did not have this promotion code in their system yet. We asked to speak with her supervisor. She told us the same thing. "I'm sorry. We don't have a code for this and we are not officially open yet."

Two problems with this.

First, the coupon does not state "official" opening day, or any specific date. It says opening. Had they meant Nov 26, they should have stated so!

Second, what happened to customer service???? I realize that your system may not be prepared for this specific promo code yet. However, as a supervisor, you have no ability to override or comp a ticket? Really? Sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

I plan to email Whistler. Will let you know if I hear anything back, but I'm not holding my breath.

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