Saturday, December 19, 2009


What would a trip be without a few souvenirs? We typically go for two things in the souvenir department: Starbucks mugs and magnets.

Each city/state we go to we try to get a starbucks mug. I think we are up to about 25 of them. Unfortunately, we only found 2 Starbucks mugs, Boston and New York. But we did find cool mugs for MIT, and a cool coffee shop in Vermont.

Plus we got our cool Cheers souvenir glasses!

We started collecting magnets last year in our travels. Often there is no Starbucks mug, but we still want a little memento, and a magnet is perfect. They are cheap (usually less than $5) and you can always find them! This is our collection from this trip. The retro "We can do it" magnet is from the naval museum that employed 50,000 people during WWII, many of whom were women serving at home fulfilling men's positions in order to free up men to go and fight overseas.
However the best souvenir of all will be the memories of our fun times! Thanks for the wonderful trip Jenn and Tyler!


Tyler and Jenn said...

Awe.... so nice!!! I love your magnets!!

Shawna said...

Love the souvenirs but the best one was of you and Jenn! You girls look great!