Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seeing the states

As you may have guessed, Phil and I love to travel! On our recent trip to Boston, we decided to see as many states as possible while we were there. Now, understand that when I say "see" a state, it often means just driving through. I just want to say that I have been to that state, even if it means driving to the state line, getting my picture by the sign, and driving back.

On this trip, we did manage to drive through a lot of states. We borrowed Tyler's car and set off on a 14 hour, 500 mile, 5 state adventure! Of course the weather was crappy that day, but I can still say that I've been to all those places!

We started with Rhode Island. We drove down to Newport and it was gorgeous! They had these HUGE mansions that I thought only existed in movies and novels.

Next we drove through Connecticut. This picture is supposed to be of the state line sign, but it didn't turn out that great. Oh well. In Connecticut we drove through the Yale campus, but Phil was on a mission, so we didn't stop to smell the roses. Had to move on and see more states!

After quickly dropping back into Massachusetts, we moved on to New York! No, we didn't get to see the cool city. We drove past Albany (literally, we passed it and kept moving for Vermont) and that's about it.

By the time we hit Vermont it was dark and a snow storm started. Our iPhone map lost signal and even the GPS wasn't cooperating. So we just hoped that we would make it through the storm. We did.

After Vermont, it was back to Massachusetts, and back to our friends house.
A few days later we set out to hit 2 more states. First, New Hampshire - which has the most amazing and beautiful coastline! And don't they have an awesome state motto? Live free or die! Goes back to the war of independence.
And finally Maine for a yummy lobster lunch!
Not bad for a one week trip! My goal is to one day visit all the states! I think I'm up to about 18.... just a few more to go!

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