Saturday, October 03, 2009

No banana peel

On Thursday I was heading out of the grocery store after grabbing a few things when I had a little mishap. My ankle rolled and I couldn't catch my balance so I completely fell in front of EVERYONE (this was all right in front of the check out stands) and my groceries went flying and I was flat on my face.

A couple of the staff helped pick up my groceries, but to my utter humiliation all I could do was sit there because my ankle hurt so bad that I couldn't get up. I glanced up only to see many faces STARING at me. I looked back down. I was finally able to get myself up. The staff were all making a fuss that I should sit and rest, but all I wanted to do was leave.

Now, if my defence, the floors were a bit slipery, and I do have a weak ankle from a previous sprain, and I was in heels.

In spite of all that, here the conversation I had with Phil that night.

Phil: So you fell in front of everyone.
Me: Yeah.
Phil: Was there a curb?
Me: No.
Phil: Was it wet?
Me: No.
Phil: Did you trip on something.
Me: No.
Phil: So basically you were walking in a straight line on flat ground and just fell.
Me: Well, I guess, but... (insert list of excuses written above).

I guess I'm just a clutz.

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Shawna said...

Seriously killing myself laughing!!! Such a great story - thanks for documenting it for us!