Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've been off biking for a couple of weeks since my bike is getting fixed and I need a new fork. So I was SO excited when to head up to Whister this past weekend with some great friends to do some riding!

Friday started out great and I even went all the way to the top of the mountain! I was doing great, starting to do jumps, getting my speed up and generally just loving it!

We were nearly to the bottom of the hill and Phil told me to pull over to let some riders pass. I did. I just got going again when he yelled out to pull over again. Worried that I may be holding someone up, I pulled over to the side. Unfortunately, I pulled over into loose rock. My front wheel turned and I went flying into the side of the trail, hurling head first towards a rock!

Now this wasn't just any rock. This was a very specific rock that was a very specific size. Small enough to fit through the front of my full face helmet, and big enough to cause a bunch of damage to my face. The rock smashed me right between my eyes and on my forehead. Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses or my eyes might have gotten REALLY messed up! My head was spinning and it took me a few minutes to get up, but thankfully I didn't loose consciousness.

Everyone on the trail was super helpful in getting me up and off the trail. And my darling husband was the sweetest and took such good care of me.

We walked back to the condo, with my face all red and bloody. I got quite a few stares from the patio dwelling diners as I passed through the village. When we got back our friend, who is an ER nurse answered the door. I knew it was bad when he was worried.

Erin greeted me with a "Oh sweetie!" and gave me a hug. Then I finally looked in the mirror. Here's about what I saw:

Granted, the flash kinda washes some of it out, but you get the jist. Here is a side profile of the goose egg that grew at an alarming pace on my forehead.

By the evening the swelling and bruising were continuing at a steady pace. My iburpofen and tylenol taking was also going at a steady pace.

The next day I decided to get back in the saddle and ride again. I was cautious my first run, then slowly my confidence built. I decided to go back up to the top to do a harder trail. I was doing great and ripping down it. As I came up to a jump I saw that the landing had a lip and decided to roll it. Turns out I was going too fast to roll it, got airborne, came down front tire first and went flying over my handlebars. And guess what took the brunt of the fall? My head and my shoulder.
Had I not hit my head the day before, it probably wouldn't have been too bad. However, when adding insult to injury (literally) my head was SPINNING and it was all I could do to get down the mountain. I slept it off for the rest of the afternoon.
The next morning the swelling was so bad and my eyes so puffy that I could feel pressure on my eyes. I decided that I could not risk hitting my head again and sat the day out.
Here is my face on Sunday morning with two nice black eyes developping.

To try and cover them up, I went rock star style and wore my sunglasses ALL DAY! and only took them off when I absolutely had to.

Here I am at home on Sunday night, holding my helmet that didn't do it's job. Bruises looking pretty good at this point.
This shows about how big the rock was. Had I hit an inch to any other side, the helmet would have taken most of it. However, my rock managed to make it through the tunnel of visor and chin guard and land squarely on the bridge of my nose.

Finally, here I am on monday night. Healing quite nicely and hoping that makeup can do it's magic tomorrow morning when I head back to work.
In light of my most recent falls, Phil and I decided that a bit more protection may be in order. Here is the protective body suit I got. Should help save me from a few scratches.

Crab Feast

A few weeks ago we got to enjoy a crab feast! Phil went out on the bay with his cousin and pulled up 19 crabs!

Even with 8 people, we barely made a dent in the pile, but it was so good! And the best part of the meal was the overwhelming amount of garlic! Garlic with a bit of butter for the crab, garlic bread, and ceaser salad complete with homemade dressing that was loaded with - you guessed it - garlic!