Sunday, August 09, 2009

Change of Plans

Last Thursday Phil and I left the scorching heat of the lower mainland and headed up to Whistler for a few days of camping and biking. I nearly neglected to put in a sweatshirt because it had been so hot that I forgot there was ever a need for such a thing. But at the last minute, I tossed it in. We were camping after all.

The drive up was lovely. We went to our campsite and set up the tent, but didn't bother putting the rain fly on. Again, it was scorching hot and sunny. We drove on the village so Phil could get a few runs in and claim another day that he used his seasons pass. As we approached the village we saw what appeared to be dust? smoke? coming from the mountain. Our suspisions of a forest fire were confirmed when we saw the plane dumping out that red stuff.

We got to the parking lot and rejoiced at how many people had gone home early - lots of parking available. Phil got all geared up for downhill, and I prepped for a nice cross country ride. We rode over to the base of the lift where it was eerily empty and the lifts were not running. "Umm.... I don't think that you are riding this evening honey." A quick trip into customer service informed us that they had closed the lift at 1pm due to lighting and the fire had started on Blackcomb shortly thereafter.

Chang of plans. We went back to the truck to ditch some of Phil's gear before going for a cross country ride together. As we were doing so, Phil realized that he had a flat tire to change. As he was taking care of that, I felt a drop of rain. But not a regular drop. One of those big-fat-could-practically-have-a-shower-with-it drops. Within a few minutes, many of these drops were falling and I was getting a shower.

Change of plans. Not wanting our tent to get wet, we decided to head back to camp and put the rain fly on. We left the village in a torrent of rain, thunder and lighting. By the time we reached the campsite, 10 km south of the village, the rain had stopped. We put the rain fly on anyways, and decided to check out a trial on the other side of the river on recoomendation of the camp ranger. We didn't make it too far though because the roots were so big on the path it made riding nearly impossible.

Change of plans. We decided to check out a different trail instead. As we were riding towards that trail on the road, the rain began to pour. My shorts were soaked within 30 seconds. We hoped that the rain would get better once we were under the trees. It didn't. Then then lighting flashed and was followed immediately by the loudest thunder I have ever heard that rumbled around the valley for several seconds. "Maybe this isn't such a good idead..."

Change of plans. Back to the campsite where we did our best to change in the truck, the only dry place. Back to the village, where the rain had stopped, and so had the intense heat. I was very grateful for that last minute sweatshirt.

Our attempts to ride had been foiled at every turn. We wound up at Merlins for beer and burgers. Not necesarily a bad althernative :)

The next morning the lifts reopened, the rain had ceased, and we were able to ride!


What do you get when you combine three good buddies from nursing school (one of which is just coming off night shift), intense heat (it was 36 degrees Celcius that day), Milestones patio, a bottle of wine, and shopping to follow? Apparently this. Many laughs were enjoyed together!

Countertop Compost

We are very lucky to have composting as part of our waste collection. We have a huge 60 gallon bin that we can fill with grass, yard trimmings and any food waste/product. You would be amazed at how much you can reduce your garbage by doing this. Added bonus - the garbage never smells because there is never food waste in it.

For the past few years we have been using and old milk gallon jug to collect the compost in the kitchen, before taking it outside to the bin. However, due to the attack of fruit flies, again, I decided to look into something better.

Enter the bamboo composting croc from Greenfeet. It looks way better on my counter, and no fruit flies!

First Day

I'm trying to catch up on posts, so this is a few weeks old. But here I am playing around on my new bike before taking it up Whistler for the first time. Had an awesome day!!!! Once I get a better camera case I will try to get some pics of us riding on the trails.

And yes, I realize that my legs are glaringly white and need to get some sun on them!