Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, but Monday

My mum got home from her missions trip last night and stayed at our place. When I got home from work this morning, we had coffee together. I decided to forgo the usual sugar-free vanilla syrup in favor of something much better, and at this point I would say deserved - Baileys!

As I started to "flavor" my coffee, my mother raised her eyebrows and said "in the morning?"
Me: "No mum, not morning. It's Friday night for me."
Mum: "Yeah, I guess it is"

End of discussion. I went on sipping.

So it may be monday for many of you, but today is my friday night.

My night

4 hours running around in Emergency. Back upstairs to ICU to get report on my pt. Go in to asses pt - he has bleed through his CVC dressing. Clean and change it. Check NG residuals - ridiculously high. Deal with that. Paperwork. Break. Pt bled through CVC dressing again - change it. Residuals high... again. Deal with it. Paperwork. Beligerant pt swearing at me and ripping her IV out. Managed to reconnect IV and settle her back to bed (with a little help from another RN and the magic of Versed). Paperwork. Fluid balance totals. Meds. Tape report. One more med. Home.

And that is how a 12 hour shift flies by.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Makes me laugh

Mountain biking websites make me laugh! They have such a funny, and casual, way of describing their products. The following are common sayings: "most rad of moves" "Back at the bar you can flaunt the Apex’s DAKINE styling without fear of funk thanks to its anti-bacterial treatment. " "smoking hot" "dropping crazy dough".

My favorite was the confirmation email when I ordered something: "Holy crap! Your order just shipped."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Officially an RN

Yesterday I received a piece of paper that I have been dreaming about for over 4 years...

"Congratulations on passing your CRNE!" With that letter, I officially became a Registered Nurse! While my non-nursing friends may not understand that panic and anxiety associated with waiting for this letter, I got comfort from my nursing buddies on facebook who were all posting their statuses of waiting for the mail man, or rejoicing.

The exam was ridiculous and I really had no way of knowing if I had passed or not since the questions were so airy-fairy and dumb that I couldn't even look up what the right answer was when I got out of the test - because every text book would have probably told me something different, if they even addressed the dumb topics from the exam at all.

Glad it's done. Glad that I'm official now.

New Toy

My husband spoiled me last night!!! I got a new mountain bike! I'm so excited to try it out and ride. Mine is the pretty purple one on the right - so excited!!!! We came up to Whistler this morning, but I chose not to ride today since I was just getting off night shift and was pretty tired!!!

4th of July

Forgot to post about the 4th of July! I'm a bad fake American! We had a packed, and sometimes very stereotypical, 4th. We hiked in the morning, enjoyed the sun in the afternoon by washing the cars with a cold beer in hand, then headed to Birch Bay to celebrate with good friends on the beach. The weather was perfect, we ate too much, and blew stuff up. Sounds like a perfect 4th! :)

Grouse GRIND

Several weeks ago I was reminded why they call it the GRIND! I hadn't done the trail in 10 years and somehow forgot that it was such an effective method of torture. 2800 feet elevation gain over 2.9 KM. Ouch!!!
We hike with some friends of ours who brought along their 5 month old daughter. She was snug against Daddy and didn't cry once. Wow!!!
Here is Erin and I feeling tough for making it to the top.
The little trouper hanging out at the top

Enjoying lunch at the top. Forgot our sunglasses though!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Simple for $5

You can get a full year subscription to Real Simple for only $5 through Amazon!!!! I found out about this deal on my friend Shellie's website. Go here to get it. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life is good!

Do you ever have those moments where you realize that you are completely and utterly content and happy with life? I'm the type of person that is always striving for something more, but recently, I have felt completely content. My life is in no way perfect, but rather I'm just completely happy with where I'm at right now and wouldn't change a thing!

So why is my life so great? Well, for starters, I finally have a life! Thanks to my delightful schedule of 2 days, 2 nights, then 5 DAYS OFF, I'm having time to have fun again. I spend time with my hubby and friends, my house is clean, I work out tons, and I'm out enjoying life as much as possible. For example, right now I'm at Whister, sitting in Starbucks, writting this post. Life is good!

How to get hits

I have discovered the secrets to getting more hits on my blog. You would think that it would be things like actually writing more often, or writing about something interesting. But no, that's not it.

I put a link to my blog in my Twitter/Facebook update and I got TONS more hits. Of course, not one left a comment so I still have no idea who is stalking my blog, but whatever.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Smell It

Last week I met up with a good friend from Taiwan. In spite of her living in Vancouver for the past few years, our crazy school schedules have not allowed us to see each other as much as we would like.

We met up in Richmond since this was a midway point for us, and sort of perfect since it's Asia-land. Western food was not even considered, so it was a matter of which variety of Asian food we wanted. We decided to go for something hot since it was a rainy day.

I had remembered seeing a noodle house a few streets away. The only reason that I even noticed that there was a noodle house was because the words "noodle house" were the only English words on all of the signage for that group of shops.

I told Jen about it and her response was "Let's go check it out and see how it smells." No I realize that to many this seems like an odd response, but to me it made sense.

We parked and walked in. All of the signs were in Chinese. All of the people sitting there were Chinese. The tables were set up very... well, Chinese. And it smelled good. So we decided to stay. We were the only two white people in there for over an hour!

It was a delightful lunch and we both felt like we were back in Taiwan. Gotta love Richmond!

PS - I got a parking ticket on my car because I was parked for over an hour. I complained to the restaurant since I was sitting in there eating and my car was parked right in front of the restaurant. The owner said he would take care of it. I told Jen "I bet you his way of taking care of it is that he has enough guanchie built up with the parking guys that they will just ignore it."

Two Perfect Moments

Every shift I work has two moments of perfection. No matter how busy or crazy or quiet the shift may be, I will always have these two moments.

1. The first sip of Timmy's coffee. On day shifts this usually happens around 9am as I sneak off to grab a cup. On night shifts, it's right at the begining since the Timmy's at our hospital closes right as my shift begins.

2. When I first step into the shower. I have to shower after every shift or I just feel icky. Since becoming a nurse I have become a bit of a germaphob and really, hospitals are gross places. So I get home and immediately get into the shower. And that hot water feels so good!