Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Shoes

I have always wanted a pair of red shoes! I went out with one of my classmates today and we decided that a nice pair of red shoes would be perfect for graduation ceremonies.

We accomplished our mission at Aldo. LOVE THEM!

Biker Widow

I told Phil that he needs to get a hobby and stop working so much. Our friend Kevin is an AVID mountain biker and talks about it all the time, so Phil decided to join him, and bought a mountain bike this week.

Any of you that know my husband, know that he doesn't do anything half way.... or fully... he goes beyond obsessed! He has already been up the mountain several times and is loving his new sport.

Here's a video of him playing with his new toy on our front lawn.


Kevin has now deemed me to be a biker widow for the summer. I'm thinking that I should just get a mountain bike and join him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two little letters.

RN. Two letters that I have been working so hard to achieve, and they are now mine. I was signing in to some orientation/training this morning and next to my name I had to write my position. RN. My preceptor had told me that it would be a big moment when I did it for the first time, and he was right. Getting to write RN felt great!

Job Switch

Yes, I have already switched jobs. In fact, I switched jobs before even graduating. I know. Phil just shook his head and laughed.

My new job is in the ICU at Peace Arch, where I did my final preceptorship. I got hired at Surrey ER at the begining of March when I had barely started my preceptorship. I found as time went on, I was loving the ICU more and more. So that, combined with the shorter commute, a fantastic team, and being presented with the amazing opportunity of more training, I decided to go for it.

More training? Yes, I am going back to school. But here is the great part - I get paid to do it! For a little nerd like me, it's heaven. Getting paid to go to school! I'll be getting my specialty certification in critical care.

So if you go into Surrey ER, you will not see me. And hopefully I will not see you at Peace Arch ICU because that means that you are really sick.... so I guess I'll just hope to see you over coffee since I know have time for stuff like that!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been eagerly anticipating this post for 2 years.... I'm done! Today, I walked out of the hospital as a nurse, not a student nurse. My classes are finished, assignments written, hours completed, evaluations done. I am now a nurse. Officially, a nurse. No longer a student nurse. I am a nurse.

I called Phil as I was walking out of the hospital and didn't know if I should laugh or cry.... so I did a bit of both. It's finished. My long, brutal, awesome journey is done. Degree completed.

I feel amazing!

Susan Boyle

AMAZING!!! My friend posted a link to this video - you have to watch this video and hear this woman - absolutely incredible.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One step closer

Today, I got one step closer to the end of nursing school which is right now so close, yet so far. I finished my final exam for my last class of nursing school. Oh what a relief to have it done and not have to worry anymore!

I still have two weeks of clinicals left. Although my shifts are long, and often exhausting, I'm learning tons and I really enjoy them. Plus I have an amazing preceptor which makes the world of difference.

So for now, I'm chugging along. But in a couple of weeks, you will see the celebratory post declaring that I have graduated and am a nurse!

Home Alone

For nearly two years, Phil and I have hosted exchange students in our home. The first year we had boys and it was .... ummm..... well, an interesting experience. However, then came the girls! We hosted a couple of Korean girls, then several Japanese girls and what fun we had! They were truly a joy to have in our home and we enjoyed spending time with them and learning about their cultures.

Last week our last student moved out. We are so excited for her that she is getting her own apartment and that it is close to school, but we will miss her.

And now, we have our home back. Just the two of us. Gotta admit, it's a bit weird and the house suddenly feels bigger. But for now, we are enjoying having a bit more privacy!


Here's another picture from our CO trip - it's at the top of Keystone. So beautiful!!!!!!!