Monday, March 23, 2009


In February we went to visit our good friends the Gallaghers in Oklamofohoma! We had a great time relaxing with them for 5 days. We played with the kids, sat in their new hot tub, Kel and I watched girly movies while the boys killed aliens, and Kelly and I managed to fit in a few runs. It was sunny, it was relaxing, it was just great to be with good friends!

We also went on a mini road trip and went to the neighboring states of Missouri and Arkansas... mostly just to say that we had been to those states. Sorry, no dead dear in the picutres this year :)

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birdDog digital said...

Nicci's grandparents live really close to Joplin, MO. How funny is that. Great pictures, glad you and Phil are great, and we'll see you soon.

Andy and Nicci