Monday, March 23, 2009


Let me preface this post by saying two things: yes, I am spoiled, and yes I do realize it!

The friends that Phil went to Colorado with last year put together a last minute trip to the Denver area this year. Phil asked me about it, assuming that I wouldn't be able to go and that I wouldn't want him to go because I'm sick of being left behind due to school. However, it just so happened that I had those days off from preceptorship! So, we booked our tickets through points (gotta love the free tickets), booked the hotel, and several weeks later we were off.

It's been a dream of mine for a while to visit Colorado and it certainly did not dissapoint! Incredible views, tons of outdoor activities, a huge city and tons of sun. Really, what else could you want????

We got a 3 day pass that allowed us to go to several mountains. Of course the boys could not let these go to waste, so we hit 4 resorts in 3 days. By the end, I was tired, sore, and oh so relaxed! We went to Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin and Vail! AMAZING!!!!!

Since I was with 3 boys who are all quite good, I spent a lot of time by myself casually cruising down the slopes. The best day was our first day, at Breckenridge. Huge wide runs, fresh snow, not too steep, and also I wasn't tired :) That day I managed to keep up with the boys all day! I was quite proud of myself. They even managed to drag me to the summit of hte mountain, 12, 840 feet!!!! It was a bit scarry up there and I'm glad that I didn't find out until after that it was a double black diamond run that I did to get down!

Overall, an amazing little getaway. I fell in love with Colorado and can't wait to go back.

Here are a few pics. I know it's not that great of a picture of us, but it shows us in all our tired and sun burn glory on our last night!


In contrast to my last degree, when I graduated and had no job and no idea of what I wanted to do for a job, I'm finishing up this degree knowing that I DO have a job, and it is in a place that I want to work.

I will be working at Surrey Emergency! I'm already working there as a student and I'm very excited to start working there as a new grad. It's also just a huge relief to know that it's all lined up and that I start one week after finishing school. Yay for having a paycheck again soon!

At last....

My final day of class. It was a bittersweet day. After 18 months of blood, sweat and tears (and literally, all of these were involved) we became a pretty close group. Yet at the same time, I'm SO ready to move on with my life. The actual lectures we had were pointless and took 5 times longer than they should have, but that didn't really surprise me. There were some interesting tid bits and our send off from one of our favorite professors was great.

After it was all done, we snapped some pictures, gave some hugs, called out good luck..... and that was it. We are now scattered around for our final preceptorships and won't meet up again until our graduation ceremonies in May.

Although I'm excited to have the classes done, the really exciting post will come when I'm finished my final preceptorship shift!


After Oklahoma, we flew to Tucson, AZ to catch up with our good friend from TWU, Reid, and his lovely wife Laura. They had a packed schedule for us and we loved seeing more of the beautiful desert area they live in!

We started with a trip to Vinny's for the BEST hot wings in the world. It's a hole in the wall place that's popular with the local army base, and seriously, the BEST wings in the world. If you are ever in the Sierra Vista area (South-East of Tucson) you have got to check it out!
We went to the historic town of Tombstone and wandered about....

We browsed through the cute former-mining-town-now-hippy-artsy-town of Bisbee....

We toured Kartchner Caverns and got to see a column of staglamites and stalagtites that was 5 stories high! Increadible!

We saw San Xavier Mission - its a Catholic mission that is said to be the Sistene Chapel of North Americ - it was gorgeous inside.

One afternoon we went to the Desert Museum... which is more of a zoo, but whatever. It showcased the wildlife and plant life of the desert.

Saw the Titan II missile silo. This is the last missile silo left from the Cold War in the US. They were able to preserve it as a museum and it was cool. Our tour guide had worked there when it was operational. When it was operational, it could launch a nuclear missile within 60 seconds of reeiving orders - and that includes pulling back the 700 ton cement door above the missile! (Yes, I'm a history nerd and found this all very facinating).

Our last night in Tucson we went to a guest ranch for a cowboy cookout dinner - YUMMY!!! The most amazing buffet ever. Increadible steaks, chicken, potatoes, corn, cheese, fruit, fresh fruit cobler.... the list goes on and on. And you get to eat it and picnic tables next to camp fires. So fun!

And that was our trip to Arizona. Oh yeah... and it was in the 20s the whole time we were there. And yes, that is Celcius!

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In February we went to visit our good friends the Gallaghers in Oklamofohoma! We had a great time relaxing with them for 5 days. We played with the kids, sat in their new hot tub, Kel and I watched girly movies while the boys killed aliens, and Kelly and I managed to fit in a few runs. It was sunny, it was relaxing, it was just great to be with good friends!

We also went on a mini road trip and went to the neighboring states of Missouri and Arkansas... mostly just to say that we had been to those states. Sorry, no dead dear in the picutres this year :)

Mission Accomplished!

I meant to post this a few months ago. Ooops!

At the begining of 08, I set a goal of wanting to work out 3 times a week. I had set goals like this before, and never really followed through. I knew that I needed accountability.... but who? Not hubby - love him, but seriously if he told me that i had to go work out, I just don't think that it would be good for our marriage.

So I decided to be my own accountability and invented the red dot system. I printed out a calendar for the year, with my goal at the top, and put it up on my bulletin board in the kitchen where anyone who comes by can see. Every time I worked out, I would color the day in red.

And it worked! Through school and breaks, sickness and vacations, exhaustion and finals, I managed to work out three days every week of 08! That little red dot wielded a lot of power in my life - it would get me out of bed at 5am, push me to run after shifts, and generally just got me going, even when I didn't want to.

Most of these work outs were runs. In fact I did over 550 miles last year - pretty proud of that!

I've started the same thing for 09 and so far so good!