Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping with a sewer

Kelly and I ran into the mall to get a few things today. The next thing you know, we are at Gap Outlet trying on tons of clothes. Funny how that happens.

But I discovered the absolute joy of shopping with a good friend who can sew. I found a great pair of khackis (can't spell, I know) for 50% off. Loved them, but of course they gaped at the back. "No problem, I can fix that." Umm.. comasaywhat??? "Yeah, it's just a few darts. We'll do it tonight." Ahh.. ok.

Next, fantastic pair of summer pants, but the pocket stick out and you can see their lining through the pants. Yet again "I can fix that".

True to her word, she did. With me staring at ther with the facination of a 4 year old child, I watched as she magicallly fixed my two new pairs of pants (and did i mention they were both 50% off) so that they now fit me perfectly.

I may just have to get myself a sewing machine one day....


Shawna said...

Great deals...however I recommend just finding a great seamstress in your town, it's much easier than doing the work yourself ;P

Laura said...

How nice! Can I borrow Kelly? ;)

The Gallagher Crew said...

Yes you will have to get a sewing machine (I'll send hints to Phil) and then some lessons (I'll send hints to Joe to send me!) =)

Miss you! Thanks for the fun!!! =)