Monday, February 16, 2009

Cold tub

After nearly a year of battling, our friends pool and hot tub is FINALLy completed. For the past several nights we have been relishing in the hot water under the stars.

The electrician came to do the final electrical work today so the jets will work. I was the first ready to go out, so in my bikini, I braved the frigid air and began to race across the backyard. I made a mental note to be careful as i ran so that I would not fall into the icy pool. I finally reached the tub, threw down my towel, placed my hands on the freezing bricks and dipped my foot into the hot water prepared for the burning stabbing pain that initially assaults my cold toes.

Instead, my foot was greeted with water as cold as it was. I guess the electrician forgot to turn the tub back on. I ran back to the house as quicklly as I could, fought with the door that of course decided to stick at the moment, and burst into the house crying "Not hot! not hot!".

So much for soothing my aching muscles tonight.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Oh no! Not quite what you expected, hey? I hope you get a nice, HOT hot tub soon!