Monday, February 16, 2009

Cold tub

After nearly a year of battling, our friends pool and hot tub is FINALLy completed. For the past several nights we have been relishing in the hot water under the stars.

The electrician came to do the final electrical work today so the jets will work. I was the first ready to go out, so in my bikini, I braved the frigid air and began to race across the backyard. I made a mental note to be careful as i ran so that I would not fall into the icy pool. I finally reached the tub, threw down my towel, placed my hands on the freezing bricks and dipped my foot into the hot water prepared for the burning stabbing pain that initially assaults my cold toes.

Instead, my foot was greeted with water as cold as it was. I guess the electrician forgot to turn the tub back on. I ran back to the house as quicklly as I could, fought with the door that of course decided to stick at the moment, and burst into the house crying "Not hot! not hot!".

So much for soothing my aching muscles tonight.

Shopping with a sewer

Kelly and I ran into the mall to get a few things today. The next thing you know, we are at Gap Outlet trying on tons of clothes. Funny how that happens.

But I discovered the absolute joy of shopping with a good friend who can sew. I found a great pair of khackis (can't spell, I know) for 50% off. Loved them, but of course they gaped at the back. "No problem, I can fix that." Umm.. comasaywhat??? "Yeah, it's just a few darts. We'll do it tonight." Ahh.. ok.

Next, fantastic pair of summer pants, but the pocket stick out and you can see their lining through the pants. Yet again "I can fix that".

True to her word, she did. With me staring at ther with the facination of a 4 year old child, I watched as she magicallly fixed my two new pairs of pants (and did i mention they were both 50% off) so that they now fit me perfectly.

I may just have to get myself a sewing machine one day....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free books

I forgot how much I love the library! As a kid I was a total book worm and would go check out stacks of books. As an adult in school, I have abanadoned my love of books. However, a long flights means I need a book so I went to our local library and fell in love again. I think that I will be going there more often in the next few months....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tonights edition of stress eating is brought to you by Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese. So bad, but SO GOOD!

Oh the muscles!

We recently joined the new gym that opened in our town and I have been very pleased with it, particularly the classes. I am a total aerobics nerd and love all the different classes! The competitive side of me ensures that I work out as hard as I possibly can because I don't like it when I 'm not just as good as everyone else. I know, character flaw. Maybe I'll work on it one day.

But for now, I'm going to classes. Lots of classes. And my muscles are paying for it! Last week I did spinning one day (seriously, those machines are torture devices) and a weights class the next day that involved doing squats for an hour, while combining that with upper body weights. I spent Thursday and Friday limping around the hospital hoping that my patients didn't drop anything on the floor becuase I seriously couldn't bend over to pick them up.

As soon as I started to get relief from my muscle stiffness, I subjected myself to another class. In spite of my friend stating that her calves were burning that evening after the class, I felt quite good. Until Sunday morning when climbing stairs became a painful chore. I guess step classes will do that to you.

I was contemplating going to a class today, but I'm just not sure that's going to happen. There is a latin groove class, which sounds like so much fun! But my weary body (I did a night shift last night) and my weary brain (I have a bit test tomorrow) just aren't up for it.

I guess I'll have to wait for cardio jam tomorrow afternoon.