Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree cutting

As in tradition in our family now, we headed out for Glacier to pick up our Christmas tree permit. On the way there, I made the requisit call to my good friend Kelly to complain that she and her family no longer live around here and that it is just not the same cutting down our tree without them.

The big difference this year was the complete lack of snow! As we headed up Glacier Creek road, we easily drove up the road, where in past years the snow has sent us back. We went as high as we could on the road, then kept hiking another 15 minutes.

Phil found the perfect tree (he is SO PICKY about the tree that we get) on the side of the mountain. I wondered if it was even safe to hike down to it, but of course there was no stopping Phil since it was the "perfect tree".

We brought our two exchange students along and they were SO delighted to be a part of the process. They said that in Japan, most people don't have Christmas trees, and the ones that do, buy them pre-lit and pre-decorated. Where's the fun in that?

Phil inspecting the tree before making the cut.
The girls posing with the tree

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