Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Finally, something fun to post about! For the third year in a row, Phil and I went to the Portland Ski and Snow Show with our friend Kevin who was marketing the hotel he works for, the Icicle Inn in Leavenworth. We always have a blast at the show and hanging out for the weekend. It's a win-win situation too - we get a cheap weekend away and free entrance to the show, and Kevin gets fun friends to hang out with, and someone to watch the booth so he can take some breaks!

Usually Phil is the one shopping at the show, but this year it was my turn. I was on the hunt for a new pair of snow pants. My current ones don't work that great - I'm usually soaked by noon. With some help from the Burton rep, I got the sweetest pair of gortex snowpants! And best of all, they were 50% off!!! My kind of deal!

We also hit the Addidas sale that was going on at the next pavillion at the expo center. They had the same sale last year so we went ready to stock up. We went on Sunday because everythign was the cheapest then. We loaded up on running shorts and tops for both of us, shoes, couple of hats, some yoga pants and a few other goodies.

In addition to all this shopping, we also got to socialize! A few of Phil's friends came up for the show on Saturday and we went out for dinner after. Phil and Ryan's parents went to lamaze classes together so they have known each other their whole lives. However, Ryan and I have never met. Usually they hang out on snowboarding trips, which tends to be a guy thing. So it was great to finally meet him as well.

The whole weekend was great except for one thing - the food. After eating out for a weekend, I was craving some good old yogurt and fresh fruit!

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