Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not too much is new, but I thought that I should post a general update. I've been going crazy at school trying to catch up on all of the reading and small assignments. The semester is quite interesting so far, although I do have the obligatory 2 fluff classes (leadership and research) which I just want to roll my eyes at.

I worked again over the weekend and got to help out in triage in the ER. It was so interesting to hear the stories that people came in with.

"The shower door just fell on me."

"They are spraying raid on me and it's now in my blood." (still not sure who 'they' are)

"My daughter twisted her ankle, so we called the ambulance to bring her to the ER"

"I'm feeling depressed..... so I took my prescribed pills... and now I'm feeling better." Umm... so why are you here?

One thing that I've seen way too much of already is the waste of resources! People taking ambulances, who really don't need to. People coming to the ER, when they could just go see their doctor on Monday. I think people just don't realize HOW MUCH it costs the system when somebody goes to the ER!

That's about it.

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Shawna said...

A ha ha ha - I'm laughing at all the reasons people use the medical system, then again people who SHOULD go to the ER, don't!?!?!

Go figure!

Hope you're having fun!