Monday, September 15, 2008


Phil and Mathias rented kayaks last weekend, and we made sure that we got our money's worth out of them! They picked up the kayaks on Saturday morning and started on Lake Whatcom. Then I dropped them off in Lynden on the Nooksack River and they paddled to Ferndale. On Sunday, we took them out to Birch Bay to try them on the ocean.

We got second thoughts pretty quickly after getting the kayaks to the beach as we saw the waves crashing in. But Mathias was brave and we pushed him out in one of the boats. Since he seemed to survive, I thought I would give it a try. SO FUN!!!! We paddled around the bay and over the big waves. I didn't even get wet until I paddled in. I rode the last wave in and paddled for all I was worth to get myself onto the beach. Even though I tried to get up quickly, I wave crashed down soaking me! Thankfully it was a warm day.

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