Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another full Saturday

We took advantage of the last long weekend of summer and packed it as full as we could! On Saturday we had friends over for brunch and enjoyed playing with their SUPER cute daughter, Lauren. She's so fun!

After they left, Phil and I quickly got ready and headed out to a wedding. The reception was outside and it turned out to be a beautiful evening!

We left the reception early and headed to Birch Bay to meet up with Kevin and Mathias. We got there just as they were pushing the boat out and hopped in. We were both still in our wedding clothes, so we had to borrow fleeces and thankfully I threw in a pair of flip flops since I don't think that I could make it into the boat in my stilletos!

We cruised through the islands, stopped on Patos Island for a bit. It was GORGEOUS!!! What a perfect way to end the summer - on a boat watching the sunset. When we got back my feet were so cold that I stood in the hot tub for 10 minutes to regain feeling!

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