Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not too much is new, but I thought that I should post a general update. I've been going crazy at school trying to catch up on all of the reading and small assignments. The semester is quite interesting so far, although I do have the obligatory 2 fluff classes (leadership and research) which I just want to roll my eyes at.

I worked again over the weekend and got to help out in triage in the ER. It was so interesting to hear the stories that people came in with.

"The shower door just fell on me."

"They are spraying raid on me and it's now in my blood." (still not sure who 'they' are)

"My daughter twisted her ankle, so we called the ambulance to bring her to the ER"

"I'm feeling depressed..... so I took my prescribed pills... and now I'm feeling better." Umm... so why are you here?

One thing that I've seen way too much of already is the waste of resources! People taking ambulances, who really don't need to. People coming to the ER, when they could just go see their doctor on Monday. I think people just don't realize HOW MUCH it costs the system when somebody goes to the ER!

That's about it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

She FINALLY came

After teasing us with labor, then deciding she wasn't quite ready, my precious little niece decided to finally appear on Saturday night at 10:35 pm! Her name is Sienna Hope and she is perfect! Her face is a perfectly round circle (I love chubby cheeks on kids!) and she has a FULL head of hair! Mum and baby are both doing well, and are already back at home.

Emmalea (their 3 year old daughter) was SO excited for her to come as well. After she was born and we were all hanging out, I got to chat with Emmalea.

Me: What's her name Emmalea? Can you say her name?
Emmalea: Emmalea.
Me: No, that's your name you goober! What's her name?
Emmalea: Baby sister!
I guess that will work for now. Below is another picture. Not the greatest, so I will post more once I take more!

Finally, my first day at work

Some of you may remember that I got hired into the ER in July. Unfortunately, due to some lack of organization at the unit, I didn't get to orient until the end of summer, which meant that I didn't get to work all summer. Quite frustrating, but hey, what can you do?

This past weekend, I FINALLY got to start my job.... nearly 2 months after I was hired! I worked 12 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday, and after a full week of school, and back at school again today, I am beat! Thankfully, no school tomorrow!

So how did it go? Umm.... chaotic, interesting, crazy, fun and scarry. It was very much a trial by fire/sink or swim, so I just worked as hard as I could and managed to survive. The staff seem really great and supportive and the patients were diverse and interesting. I will definitely be learning a lot here!

School so far

I've been back in school for 2 weeks now and already the work is piling on. The good news is that I only have 7 months left! Yay!!!!! I have one REALLY interesting class this term (acute med/surg nursing), one REALLY boring class (research - could it be any more dry and boring) and then a couple of others. Thankfully I have only 2 papers to write - way less than past terms. But the instructors have made up for that by assigning stupid amounts of reading.

My clinical placement this term is good in many ways, and bad in one. Bad first - it's at Lions Gate.... as in North Vancouver. As in 2 hours away! Yeah, I wasn't too pleased with that one. However, there is always a silver lining and in this case, it's more like a golden one. The other students in my group are FANTASTIC, my instructor seems to be pretty cool, the unit is interesting (it's a neuro unit) and the nurses there seem pretty night. And it's only for 10 weeks... I can survive that commute at 5am for 10 weeks... right? I sure hope so!


Phil and Mathias rented kayaks last weekend, and we made sure that we got our money's worth out of them! They picked up the kayaks on Saturday morning and started on Lake Whatcom. Then I dropped them off in Lynden on the Nooksack River and they paddled to Ferndale. On Sunday, we took them out to Birch Bay to try them on the ocean.

We got second thoughts pretty quickly after getting the kayaks to the beach as we saw the waves crashing in. But Mathias was brave and we pushed him out in one of the boats. Since he seemed to survive, I thought I would give it a try. SO FUN!!!! We paddled around the bay and over the big waves. I didn't even get wet until I paddled in. I rode the last wave in and paddled for all I was worth to get myself onto the beach. Even though I tried to get up quickly, I wave crashed down soaking me! Thankfully it was a warm day.

Lunch in Winthrop

So yet again there has been a lapse in my bloggin, which means that this actually happened a week and a half ago, but I'm only just getting around to posting it now. Oops!

It was one of Mathias's last days with us and both Phil and I had the day off. So after a relaxing morning around the house, we decided to go to Winthrop for lunch. Winthrop is a super cute little western (interpretation: touristy) town a few hours from our house in central Washington. The town itself is cute and all, but really, it's the drive there that makes it so great! Hwy 20 goes east out of Mt. Vernon and weaves through the mountains into the interior. It's a spectacular drive with amazing scenery and fun roads. Seriously, the trip is worth it just for the drive. Phil and I have already decided that if/when we get a motorcycle, Hwy 20 will be one of the first trips we take!

When we finally made it to Winthrop, the restaurant that we had planned on eating at was closed. So we went to another one down the street, wandered the town for a bit. An hour and half after we arrived, we got back in the car and drove home.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brunch & Whistler

My good friend Jen from TWU was in town from Washington DC over the weekend, so we decided it was the perfect excuse to get everyone together and have a feast. We fit 13 adults around our table for 8 and just called it "cozy". By the time everyone got there and we got all of the food ready we were sitting down to brunch at 3pm! oops! Oh well, we all had fun.
We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, reminising, and just enjoying each others company.

On Sunday we decided to take our two German guests up to Whistler. Mathias has been staying with us for a few weeks and Jen had her friend Sophia with her who was also from Germany. Neither of them had seen Whistler and they were quite excited. So, we headed out at 2pm - late, I know. We got to Whistler at 4:30 and within a few minutes ran into our good friend Kevin. We all went out for dinner and hung out for the evening. We wandered around the village before heading back home. Definitely a great end to summer!

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Another full Saturday

We took advantage of the last long weekend of summer and packed it as full as we could! On Saturday we had friends over for brunch and enjoyed playing with their SUPER cute daughter, Lauren. She's so fun!

After they left, Phil and I quickly got ready and headed out to a wedding. The reception was outside and it turned out to be a beautiful evening!

We left the reception early and headed to Birch Bay to meet up with Kevin and Mathias. We got there just as they were pushing the boat out and hopped in. We were both still in our wedding clothes, so we had to borrow fleeces and thankfully I threw in a pair of flip flops since I don't think that I could make it into the boat in my stilletos!

We cruised through the islands, stopped on Patos Island for a bit. It was GORGEOUS!!! What a perfect way to end the summer - on a boat watching the sunset. When we got back my feet were so cold that I stood in the hot tub for 10 minutes to regain feeling!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mmm.... coffee

The chaos of school has begun, once again. And that means that coffee has gone from being a pal, to being my BEST FRIEND EVER!!! OK, maybe hubby is best friend ever, but coffee is a close second.
I will try to post soon about our super fun weekend and our multitude of house guests. In the meantime, here is a picture of me and my best friend hanging out this morning.
I'm off to class!