Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small things

I have a saying "It's the small things in life". I usually employ this saying when I derive joy from some small thing: I got to the bus stop right as my bus got there, a new recipe worked out, my favorite item was on sale, I had a good run - anything really.

A while ago we went and saw the movie Wall-E. Loved it!! I thought that Wall-E was so cute and joked that I wanted to get a little stuffed one. Last night, darling hubby ran into Blockbuster while I ran into the grocery store to grab milk. He came back without a movie, but said he got something for me. A little stuffed Wall-E! I got ridiculously excited! Partly because of the actual little toy, and partly just because my hubby is so sweet and thoughtful. So I now have Wall-E keeping watch over me as I do homework.

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Casey & Fawn said...

You know how I know you're a dork? Wall-E? Oh boy...... oh boy.... I guess he is pretty cute thought! :)