Sunday, August 24, 2008

Full Saturday

Saturday was a PACKED day for me! I got up early and went for my run. I had time to quickly shower and attempt to tidy up the house before my dear friend Shawna came over. We haven't seen each other in 5 years, even though we really don't live that far away and she comes to the US all the time. We have kept up with each other's lives via blogs over the past few years and we finally had a perfect excuse that forced us to get together - Shawna needed to ship a package to my place!
It was quite the reunion! In so many ways we are both the same girls that we were 10 years ago. Of course our conversation included mortgages, spouses, children and careers rather than which boy currently held our attention or who was at youthgroup that week. But at the heart of it was still just Shawna and Nickie - two of the most blunt people on earth! For those of you that don't know Shawna, she is probably even more blunt than me, if you can believe that's possible! :)
Thanks for the super fun day Shawna - we will HAVE to do it again!

When Shawna left, my day was only just begining. I quickly threw on a dress while Phil wrapped the gift and then we were off to Donnie and Audrey's wedding. The wedidng was held at Shuksan golf course and it was GORGEOUS! The weather was perfect and the wedding was outdoors against a backdrop of trees and mountains. It was so peaceful out there! The reception was lovely, food was great, and the cake actually yummy!

Phil and I after the wedding.

We slipped out of the wedding as the dancing was starting, raced home to grab Mathias, then headed north for our final social engagement of the day - a surprise 30th b-day party for our friend Kevin. We spent the evening chatting with friends and enjoying the warm summer evening.

Here's a pic of our good friends Sarah and Kris.

And after this crazy long day, we came home and fell into bed exhausted!

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Laura said...

Wow, fun day! No wonder you were exhausted :) That's so great that you and Shawna got to hang out... I totally laughed at what you wrote about how the conversations have changed... boys and youth! Those were the days :) It's so wonderful to hang out with friends, to pick up where you left off and appreciate the blessing they are to you!