Thursday, July 31, 2008

My attempt at Spice

My friend Shawna did a post today Spice it up a little in which she posted a photo of herself at that moment and what she was doing. So here is my response: I'm sitting at my desk, sorting through photos from our recent trip to Oregon, listening to my hubby's video game from the next room, and debating which movie to watch tonight.

So here I am!

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Shawna said...

That is a STINKIN' good picture of you!

Thanks for playin'

Nurse Nickie said...

Thanks Shawna!

Joanne said...

Ok, look way too cute to be sitting in from of a computer....tell that man of yours to take you dancing!! (check out my blog for a sad photo commentary on multi-tasking)

Laura said...

I agree, Nickie you amazing!! Great picture :)