Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to Oregon

Last Tuesday night, after my evening interview, we headed out for Phil's parent's house in Oregon. We made a stop at SeaTac to pick up Phil's little bro, then continued south and got home at 3am. Yucky!!!
We relaxed with his family the next day before heading to central Oregon early Thursday morning. We left by 7am and had a GORGEOUS drive over the pass and stopped in Sisters at the local dinner for a good hearty breakfast.
The time in Madras, OR was wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. It was great to see all of his family, and to be at Grandma's house. However, the circumstances for which we were there were truly heartbreaking.
The services were beautiful and a wonderful tribute to the amazing woman that Grandma Marge was. She was laid to rest in a beautiful cemetary, right across the street from the farm that she was born at and grew up on! Crazy!!!
Here's some pictures of the cousin brigade:

On Friday evening we were driving back to the hotel to grab some things when a woman forgot to should check and turned right into us. Thankfully we weren't going very fast so no one was injured and the damage was minimal. We've decided it's not worth the hassle of pursuing her insurance company to fix it and are just going to leave the marks there as additional "character" on our car. The car is a 94 Honda Accord that Phil bought while he was still in college and it's filled quirks, but it just keeps going! On this last trip it got 34 miles per gallon - can't argue with that!

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Got the job!

This happened last week, but it's been slightly busy so I'm only just getting around to posting it right now. I got a job!!! My very first nursing job! I will be an ESN (employed student nurse) in the Emergency Department of one of the major local hospitals. Why am I not naming said hospital? Because as I have learnt in reading other nursing/med blogs, it's prudent to not say where you actually work, because inevitably I will write stories about work. So, to protect the confidentiality of my patients, co-workers and due to liability stuff to do with the hospital, this is all I will say on here.

Anyways, I'm very excited about the opportunity to get some more hands on learning, see what it's like in the ER, and of course GET PAID!!! Yippee!!! So far I've only had orientation, but I'll let you know once I start working more.

My attempt at Spice

My friend Shawna did a post today Spice it up a little in which she posted a photo of herself at that moment and what she was doing. So here is my response: I'm sitting at my desk, sorting through photos from our recent trip to Oregon, listening to my hubby's video game from the next room, and debating which movie to watch tonight.

So here I am!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

I passed!

I got the results from my gerontology final today - I passed! This was the first time that I have ever walked out of an exam and been unsure if I passed the class or not. I have to admit, I was not a fan of that feeling! But thanks to doing very well on my paper and my final, I passed the class and never have to repeat gero again! YAY!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Grandma Marge

On Wednesday evening, we received a call from Phil's mom saying that his grandmother had passed away. We were both shocked and devastated! Grandma Marge was such an incredible person and she was so healthy that we all just expected her to live for a very long time still. She went out walking every day with her friends, still travelled internationaly, was dedicated to her kids and grandkids, and had an active social life.
She lived in a beautiful home in Madras, OR with a view of the mountain and a large beautiful garden. I loved going to Grandma's house because it was always warm, open, and filled with love, just like she was. She had great stories too! On a few occaisions, she told me stories about when she was young, what it was like during the war, and when she was first married to Grandpa Dean.
We always assumed that we would get to make her a great grandmother one day. I already had the picture in my mind of her holding our little one.
We don't know how she passed away yet, we just know it was sudden. She was preparing dinner for some friends and when they got to her place, they found her. We are so grateful that she didn't suffer and that she lived life to the fullest until her very last moment, but we are completely devastated that she isn't here anymore and that we didn't get to say goodbye.
We love you Grandma Marge. Rest in Peace.
March 25, 1927 - July 16, 2008

Fruits of my labor

Last year when we moved into our house, we got a wonderful suprise a month later when we got tons of raspberries on our bushes! This year our bushes are loaded so I went out picking for a while. Below are the fruits of my hour of labor. Yummy!
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New Tradition

At the end of spring semester, Phil and I enjoyed a fantastic night out with my friend Heidi and her husband Eric at their Restaurant 62. We decided to make it a tradition, so after summer semester, we decided to celebrate at our place. But first we took Eric on a wine tour of Bellingham.
Eric knows more about wine that I thought possible. He is one of those people that can blindly test a wine and tell you the varietal, region, and probably even the year! It's crazy. Since wine is so much less expensive here in the states, we took him to see our selection in Costco and at Trader Joes. I think he was in Heaven!!!!! He was amazed at how much cheaper it was.
So we grabbed a few bottles, including bottle of bubbly, a whole bunch of cheese, and headed back to our place. Technically the main course was tomato-basil chicken with parmesan, and grilled corn on the cob, but we basically feasted on our appetizers of cheese (smoked gouda, goat, brie, beer cheese, and a hard cheese that i forget the name of), salami, crackers, edmame beans and caprese salad. It was the perfect way to celebrate being done and enjoy each other's company. Thanks for the fun night!
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July 4th

4th of July started at 4:45 am for me when I got up for clinical. I know - WAY too early!!! After a long day at the hospital, I raced home to shower and get ready to head out to the commune at Birch Bay. Now before you go thinking that we have joined some hippie movement, let me explain. One of our best friends, Kevin, lives out at Birch Bay... and his two sisters and their families live beside and behind him, and his parents live across the street right on the water. Therefore, we call it the Unruh commune. Phil used to live with Kevin so we got adopted in to the commune and every year we spend 4th of July there because it is SO MUCH FUN!!!
This year was no exception. There was about 40 people there for dinner. We had picnic tables set up in the backyard overlooking the bay and feated on Tri-tip steak, sausages, and a buffet of pot luck salads. Yummy! Then for dessert we enjoyed homemade ice cream. Since it was a dry affair, our British friend Linda and I kept taking trips to "the loo" at Kevin's place. A few times we actually did need to use the restroom, but mostly it was to take a sip of something fun :)
Between all of the families there, we had tons of fireworks which the kids (aged 10-23) set off all night long. Although there is no city show in Birch Bay, there is more than enough to keep you entertained. All around the bay people are setting off fireworks, plus there is a rich guy out on the point who puts on a professional show every year.
Happy Birthday America - it was a good party!
The feast

Enjoying ice cream

Mami and Nami enjoying their first July 4th

The incredible sunset

The campfire I sat around to keep warm during the show

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My Mum

My mum is an incredible woman in many ways. Unfortunately, she is usually not photogenic - at all! It's sad because it's just hard to translate her beauty into a picture. But last month, I succeeded! Check out my gorgeous Mum below!
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Good bye Ahrang!

Ahrang only lived with us for a few months, but in that time, we became quite close with her! We bonded over shared frustrations with Toshi, teasing her about boys, and chatting while I made dinner. It felt more like having a friend live with us, than an exchange student.
Unfortunately, the bus schedule to Ferndale didn't work with Ahrang's social butterfly lifestyle so she moved to Bellingham. I ran into her a couple of days ago and we hugged and chatted - it was so great! Even though she doesn't live with us, I know that she will stay in our lives.
Here's some pics of her last night with us.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm not dead yet!

For anyone who doesn't know (but seriously, how could you NOT know) that was a Monty Python quote.

Anyways, I'm still alive and still chugging along.... granted it's more like stumbling and limping at this point, but with only 5 days in total, 2 clinical days, and 2 finals to go, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

When I reach the light, I will post about July 4th and other recent fun.

Until then, just know that I'm not dead.... yet.