Monday, June 02, 2008

A smelly situation

We have three cats who come and go out of our garage at their leisure through their lovely little kitty door. Unfortunately, other vermin can also make it through this door and are sometimes attracted to the kitty food. Such was the case on Saturday night when a small skunk decided to wander in.

Hiro and Toshi, our two exchange students, went out to the garage to play with the cats and discovered said skunk. They had never seen one before, and only knew that it was an animal that could let off an almighty stink if it was scarred or angry.

So what did our oh-so-brilliant students do? They chased the skunk into a corner, then trapped it in a box. Personally, I thought that it was general common knowledge that small wild animals would get scarred and angry if trapped in a box, but apparently it's not.

Once they had captured their "prize", Toshi came running into the house yelling Phils name and babling on about catching a skunk. We didn't really understand him so we went out to the garage to investigate. It smelt kind of bad and when Phil went over to the box and saw the skunk, he quickly told me to open the garage and ordered Toshi to take it outside.

Unfortuantely, the damage was already done and the poor little scarred/angry skunk had unleashed his defence mechanism. Fortunately, he was just a baby so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We didn't realize how bad the boys smelt though so they came back into the house with all of their clothes on. We told them both to wash EVERYTHING that they were wearing and have showers. It still smelt. We opened every window in the house (on a rather chilly night) and let it air out over night.

The following day, even our car smelt a bit funny inside, even though all of the windows were shut. I went into Toshi's room to ask him something and his room STILL smelt, so I told him to open the window again.

Such fun. There are some things, like thinking, that I just so take for granted, and apparently I shouldn't. Here's to hoping that our next students actually can think.

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