Monday, June 02, 2008

Fun Friday

After finishing my final on Friday, some of us went to the Irish pub for some much needed and deserved beer (ALWAYS a good way to end finals). By the time we left UBC and made it back to White Rock, I didn't really have time to go home so I just went back to Heidis and napped on her couch (which felt SO good!).

Then I quickly got changed and headed over to Erins for some Cosmos and appies. All the other girls had managed to get their hubbies there, but mine declined (partly because of the movie we were going to see, and partly because his parents were in town). Even though we already had our tickets for SATC, we left early to head to the theatre.

It was nuts! Tons of crazy women all dressed up, applause when the movie started, and even some smuggled in cosmos (not ours, the women down the aisle from us had them). The movie basically was an extended episode, and the dialogue wasn't quite as witty as the show (they needed to have more Samantha in there), but it was still very entertaining!

Here is Sarah, Erin and I after the movie. Thanks for the fun night!

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