Monday, June 16, 2008

A final Toshi-ism

Last thursday, Toshi moved out after living with us for one year. I won't lie, we were both more than ready to say good bye to him! He was a really nice boy who tried really hard but there were two big problems: he couldn't critically think to save his life, and he had no social skills.

In a final Toshi moment, he cleaned out his room, and washed the sheets and put them back on the bed because he knew we were having guests over for the weekend. After he left, I went up to his room and realized that he had cleaned the sheets and smiled. I felt kind of bad about getting so annoyed with him because he really did try hard.

Of course I had to straighten out the sheets (I'm a wee bit of a perfectionists) and as I did, I realized that it was a true Toshi thing to do - the sheets were still wet. Not just damp, WET!!! Wet pillow cases on the pillows, wet duvet cover on the duvet, wet sheets - everything! I couldn't believe it! I realize that he was running out of time and the dryer was taking a while, but I was home - he could have just asked me! Never did it cross his mind that 1) it might be bad for the pillows, duvet and bed, or 2) that they sheets may not actually dry before our friends went to bed that night!

I shook my head, stripped the bed, and said a silent prayer of thanks that our year with Toshi is over.

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