Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Our trip to Oklahoma was very delightful in that we didn't really do anything while we were there. For 5 days we relaxed and just hung out with Joe and Kelly and the kids. We watched movies, played video games, played with the kids, drank coffe and talked. It was heaven!!! Both Phil and I were in such dire need of a break that it was absolute bliss to just relax for the week.

On one of the evenings we went out to Montana Mike's for dinner which is Joe and Kelly's favorite restaurant in Bartlesville. Phil opted for the 22 oz steak!!!

Here is Phil relaxing and playing video games with the girls.

Proof that Kelly tried the new video game.

The beautiful and charming Elles-e-belles! It took us a while to get used to her new nick name since we are used to calling Ellery Ella-baby! But since baby Grady came around, we can't do that anymore!

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I really wanted to go to the Kansas state line since it was only 20 minutes away. The only reason that I wanted to go was to say that I had been in Kanasa. So we piled into the van and off we went. When we go there we noticed there was road kill right next to the sign - a nice dead deer. Welcome to Kansas!

Here we are across the street at the Oklahoma state line sign.

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