Thursday, May 29, 2008

Retail Therapy

I never used to be much of a shopper, but in the past few years this hobby has grown on me. My favorite part about shopping is the deal hunting! Phil laughs because I'm often more excited about the deal that I got, than what I actually bought.

After a crazy month of clinicals, classes and papers, I just wasn't ready to sit down and study yesterday afternoon. So instead I went to my favorite shop in Bellingham and participated in some excellent retail therapy.
I got 10 items, as shown below, including some Tommy Hillfigure, Anne Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Nautica, Gap, Old Navy and DKNY. And I got all of this for the bargain price of..... $49.28! LOVE IT!

Productive Morning

Yesterday morning I had a lot to do! So I multi-tasked, ran around the house with a towel on my head, and managed to get all of the following done and still be out the door by 9:10am

  • 3.5 miles on the treadmill

  • baked a batch of cookies

  • made breakfast for Phil and I

  • actually managed to eat said breakfast

  • cleaned up the kitchen

  • did laundry

  • did homework

  • actually dried and straightened my hair

  • mapquested where I was going

Not bad I thought! Granted I had to haul ass and drive 130 km/h on Hwy 99, but I made it! :) Our clinical group went to a training session in the morning, had our evaluations, then went out for sushi for lunch - YUMMY! This is our wonderful group - thanks for a great rotation you guys!

Blast from the past

On Tuesday night we went over to Kevin and Julias for dinner and to hang out.... and so I could give Bella her b-day present that was over a month late! Oops! But as I said in her card, even though it's late, it's still given with love!

Julia already had plans to go to the women's event at CLA so I tagged along. It was kind of weird being back there - it's been over 5 years! I grew up in that church and sometimes I think that I spent more time there than at home! They have changed the decor quite a bit (thankfully - that orange and brown was pretty bad). I had a nice evening there, and a wonderful time seeing Julia again!

First official fire of the summer

One of the things that we love most about our house is our back patio. We spend so much time out there in the summer, epecially since we have a fire pit! Last summer it seemed that whenever we had friends over, we ended up around the fire roasting marshmallows.
We had a couple of fires in the spring, but it was so cold out that they didn't last long. So last Saturday, we had our first official fire of the summer, complete with hot dogs, potato salad, veggies, fruit, smores and beer! All the makings of a perfect night!

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Busy Saturday

Phil and I had a very busy day on Saturday getting stuff done around the house. We went shopping for some garden stuff and got this cool tree.
And these half wine barrels as planters for the backyard. We actually went back and got a third one as well - I can't wait to plant them this weekend!

I have wanted a herb garden in my kitchen window for a long time. I have quite a black thumb so we'll see how this goes. But so far so good - they have survived 4 days.

I also spent several hours SCRUBBING my kitchen!! I was so proud of how pretty it looked at the end that I just had to take a picture (pathetic, I know, but whatever).

More to come about our super fun evening!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teaching sex ed

This week, I had the privelege of teaching grade 11 sexual health. My partner in crime (aka fellow nursing student) Sarah and I watched the nurse teach the first two classes. For the third one, she asked if we wanted to teach it.

So, I got up and started teaching! It was a fairly interactive class and I had a lot of fun teaching it. It's funny how some of the kids are so open about sex, and others blush when you say the word penis.

Due to nursing school, I have gotten probably too comfortable with subject matters such as sex and can talk quite freely about it (from a medical perspective of course). Compounding this problem is my complete and utter bluntness, and tendency to speak before thinking! Yikes!!!

Long Weekend

I was very blessed to have a 4 day weekend last week! It was so nice, especially after how busy this course has been. However, due to Phil's teeth (see next post), we couldn't go out. So, I stayed around the house and slept! It felt sooooo good to sleep and take naps.

And of course I started on my paper. Because there is always a paper to write. I thought that with getting a science degree there wouldn't be as many papers - I was so incredibly wrong. Oh well - less than a year to go!

Fun at the dentist

Last week, Phil and I headed out at 6:15 am to go to the dentist and get his wisdom teeth out. I know a lot of people get wisdom teeth out and it's kinda a big deal, but not really. Phil's case was a bit more interesting: one of the teeth was impacted (growing in sideways) and was growing in his jaw bone! They literally had to cut into the bone, cut the tooth into pieces, and remove it. Yikes!!

The staff found out I was a nursing student so when I went in back to get him they explained all the drugs they had given to him. Quite the cocktail! Thankfully he doesn't remember a thing, but now he is on soft foods for 6 weeks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She is SO smart!

Warning: this post consists of blatant bragging about my wonderful niece, Emmalea.

My mum gave Jackie and Emmalea a set of Curious George books for mothers day. The books have many topics from the alphabet, to costumes, to colors. One of the books is about doctors. Here is the conversation that Jackie and Emmalea (who is only 2.5 years old!!!) had.

Jackie points to the front of the book. "Who's that?"
Emmalea: "Dr. Shuurman" (their family doctor)
Jackie pointing to a stethescope: "What's that?"
Emmalea: "Steth-scope" (I can barely prounounce the word so I figure she's doing pretty good!)
Jackie: "Who else has a stethescope?"
Emmalea: "Aunty Nickie!"

I just love her so much! So smart and so freaking cute!

Instant Camaraderie

I discovered that I have joined an elite international club - the nursing club. While in LA, I was chating to Peter's roommates mom. As we talked, I mentioned that I was in nursing school. She immediately exclaimed that she was a nurse and the conversation took off from there. We compared rotations, school, funny stories and how great nursing is.

We also both recognized the instant camaraderie that comes with being a nurse. There is an immediate connection, respect, and shared experience, even if you were trained in different decades and have worked completely different kinds of nursing. You are still a nurse, and therefore, still a member of the elite international club.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I wish I had my stethescope

During fall semester, one of my instructors mentioned how she always had here stethescope with her. She would bring it with her traveling, and usually had it in her bag. She told me it was the "just in case". Today I learnt what she meant.

I took the counterflow lane through the Massey Tunnel on my way home today. I was barely into the tunnel when traffic just stopped. A moment later, there was no longer any traffic coming north either and I realized that there was an accident. I got out of my car to figure out what was going on.

Some guys were coming up the lane to tell people what had happened - a huge truck had crossed the line and hit a car heading south. All lanes were blocked. I asked the guy if anyone was injured. He gave me a funny look to which I replied that I was a student nurse. He told me that there was a woman in the car and that I should probably go since I probably knew the most.

I ran ahead to the car and introduced myself to the people standing around the car. As I bent down to introduce myself to the woman I realized that she was pregnant.... very pregnant! Thankfully she was calm. Probaly calmer than I would be if I was 8 months pregant and just been hit head on! I was able to take some basic vital signs and assessments and talk to her and keep her calm until the paramedics came.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my stethescope. Since I'm in community health right now, I haven't been brining it. However, had I had my stethescope, I could have at least tried to listen for a fetal heart rate, since that was this woman's biggest concern. She felt fine, she was just worried about her baby. From now on, I think that I will follow my instructors advice and just keep it in my bag - apparently it can't hurt!

Once the ambulance came I gave my contact info to the police and headed home. I was just so grateful that I had at least some training and was able to help this woman. And, I think that today's experience solidified for me that emergency is where I want to practice when I graduate.


We got back from Oklahoma late on Monday night, Tuesday I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, Wednesday I went to school, Thursday morning I had orientation to my new clinical placement at the Richmond Health unit and Thursday afternoon we flew out for LA! Talk about a busy week!

We had a wonderful time in LA! It was sunny and hot which meant that I was in heaven!!! The convocation and graduation ceremony were both wonderful and it was great to just spend a bit of time together celebrating Peter's achievement.

Here is Peter with the golf clubs that we gave him as a grad present - he was so excited!
This is Peter's kick ass backyard! He has the ultimate college party house. On saturday afternoon, he and his roommates threw a great party for all of their families to celebrate graduation. I spent the day sitting around the pool drinking beer - doesn't get much better than that. Except for the burn I got. Oops!
The graduation ceremony was at the football stadium with the mountains as the backdrop - GORGEOUS!
Phil and I waiting for Peter's turn to walk the stage.
Grandma and Roxie also waiting patiently.
The Snyder brothers!
Phil and I with Peter - we are so proud of him!
Our graduate!
We got Roxie to play Rock Band - she really got into it and was totally rocking out with Peter - so funny!
On Sunday afternoon Roxie really wanted to go to Huntingdon gardens. Although they were beautiful, Phil, Peter and I were all quite tired. But we wandered through anyways.
Here is Phil with an ugly weird statue.
Palm trees - one of my favorite things in the world!
Tired after a day of wandering and a weekend of celebrating!

Gallaghers and Snyders

For some reason I couldn't get this photo into the Oklahoma post. But here we are - the Gallaghers and Snyders! Thanks for such a fun and relaxing time!
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Our trip to Oklahoma was very delightful in that we didn't really do anything while we were there. For 5 days we relaxed and just hung out with Joe and Kelly and the kids. We watched movies, played video games, played with the kids, drank coffe and talked. It was heaven!!! Both Phil and I were in such dire need of a break that it was absolute bliss to just relax for the week.

On one of the evenings we went out to Montana Mike's for dinner which is Joe and Kelly's favorite restaurant in Bartlesville. Phil opted for the 22 oz steak!!!

Here is Phil relaxing and playing video games with the girls.

Proof that Kelly tried the new video game.

The beautiful and charming Elles-e-belles! It took us a while to get used to her new nick name since we are used to calling Ellery Ella-baby! But since baby Grady came around, we can't do that anymore!

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I really wanted to go to the Kansas state line since it was only 20 minutes away. The only reason that I wanted to go was to say that I had been in Kanasa. So we piled into the van and off we went. When we go there we noticed there was road kill right next to the sign - a nice dead deer. Welcome to Kansas!

Here we are across the street at the Oklahoma state line sign.