Thursday, April 10, 2008

Salsa Dancing!

I recently went to a staguette party for my friend Jess. They had organized a night of dinner, then salsa dancing. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical since none of us had ever salsa danced before. Plus, it was a big group of girls - who would we dance with?

We got to the hotel where the dancing was a little bit late, but joined in to learn some basic steps. I was able to pick it up pretty quick. But then came the general dancing. Amazingly enough, there were a lot of guys there and many of them asked us to dance. So I got to salsa dance all night! Some of the basic spins are a lot like swing dancing, which I used to do a bit of, so that helped. And, you have to be a really good follow and just let the guy lead, something that I am also quite good at with dancing. We had a wonderful time and now I want to go again! It got me into such a dancing kick that I had to watch Dirty Dancing, and Dirty Dancing Havana nights!

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