Friday, April 25, 2008

Flight bumps

On Wednesday morning we packed up and headed out for Oklahoma. After a quick detour to Kelly's parents place to pick up some stuff, we were off to the airport. Our flight to Salt Lake City was fairly uneventful. When we got to our gate for our flight to Tulsa, they said they were asking for volunteers to go on a differnt flight that would get us to Tulsa at 11:30pm instead of 8:30pm. We called Kelly to see if they could pick us up at that time but she could barely talk because the tornado siren had just gone off for the first time and she was huddled in her bathroom with 3 scared kids trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

We decided to just go for it and get bumped. We had to do it quick because we were actually re-routed via Dallas and that flight was leaving in 15 minutes. For our "inconvenience" we got $800 in Delta vouchers!!!! That is double what we paid for our initial tickets. Plus they gave us dinner vouchers.

So we grabbed our tickets, ran for our gate and headed off to Dallas. The flight was very bumpy and the closer we go to Dallas, the worse it got. We landed amid huge strikes of lightning! Once in Dallas, we grabbed a wonderful dinner at an Irish pub (it was 8:30pm Dallas time and the first time we had eaten since breakfast) and then went to our gate. Unfortunately, the storm had gotten worse. Every flight was delayed in getting out. Our flight that was supposed to leave at 11pm kept getting delayed until finally they announced that our plane and crew had both been diverted to another airport and we wouldn't be leaving until 12:45!!!!

Thankfully their plane got diverted back to Dallas and we hoped that we might leave earlier. No such luck. We boarder our place at 12:40 and then waited.... and waited. First they had to get seat belt extenders because there were some passengers of the larger persuasion. They didn't have any and had to get them sent over from the other side of the airport, and Dallas is a HUGE airport. Once those finally arrived, another plane was just landing with passengers that wanted to go to Tulsa. They finally boarded and at 1:30am we pushed back from the gate.

The flight to Tulsa was extremely bumpy and the flight attendants were even allowed to get up to serve our peanuts and drinks. When we finally got to Tulsa Joe was waiting for us! It had been a long day of travel and were so glad to finally be there. We drove the 45 minutes back to Bartlesville. Kelly woke up when we got home and we all stayed up for a while hanging out. Finally at 4am, we all went to bed.

I was up 3 hours later with two excited young girls!

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