Thursday, April 10, 2008

Battle of the bananas!

Everyone in our house seems to like bananas, so we go through quite a few. The problem is that my freezer stock of bananas, the ones that I use for baking, was getting extremely low. So I got smart and bought 3 bunches of bananas on a Friday night thinking that some would be left over for me to freeze. An entire bunch was gone within 12 hours and all the bananas had dissapeared by Tuesday.

So I got smarter and bought this many bananas!
After a week I had 8 (of 45) bananas left that were nice and brown and ready for baking!


Shawna said...

holy!! How many peeps live in your house?!?!!?

Do you buy your Banana's @ Costco?

Nickie said...

We have 5 people in our house. Phil, me and our 3 exchange students. I try to buy them at Costco, but lately they haven't had them due to some storm in Equador. So I bought most of these from Fred Meyer.

Fawn said...

This makes me sick to my stomach to even look at..... :) and of course you know why!