Friday, April 25, 2008

Flight bumps

On Wednesday morning we packed up and headed out for Oklahoma. After a quick detour to Kelly's parents place to pick up some stuff, we were off to the airport. Our flight to Salt Lake City was fairly uneventful. When we got to our gate for our flight to Tulsa, they said they were asking for volunteers to go on a differnt flight that would get us to Tulsa at 11:30pm instead of 8:30pm. We called Kelly to see if they could pick us up at that time but she could barely talk because the tornado siren had just gone off for the first time and she was huddled in her bathroom with 3 scared kids trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

We decided to just go for it and get bumped. We had to do it quick because we were actually re-routed via Dallas and that flight was leaving in 15 minutes. For our "inconvenience" we got $800 in Delta vouchers!!!! That is double what we paid for our initial tickets. Plus they gave us dinner vouchers.

So we grabbed our tickets, ran for our gate and headed off to Dallas. The flight was very bumpy and the closer we go to Dallas, the worse it got. We landed amid huge strikes of lightning! Once in Dallas, we grabbed a wonderful dinner at an Irish pub (it was 8:30pm Dallas time and the first time we had eaten since breakfast) and then went to our gate. Unfortunately, the storm had gotten worse. Every flight was delayed in getting out. Our flight that was supposed to leave at 11pm kept getting delayed until finally they announced that our plane and crew had both been diverted to another airport and we wouldn't be leaving until 12:45!!!!

Thankfully their plane got diverted back to Dallas and we hoped that we might leave earlier. No such luck. We boarder our place at 12:40 and then waited.... and waited. First they had to get seat belt extenders because there were some passengers of the larger persuasion. They didn't have any and had to get them sent over from the other side of the airport, and Dallas is a HUGE airport. Once those finally arrived, another plane was just landing with passengers that wanted to go to Tulsa. They finally boarded and at 1:30am we pushed back from the gate.

The flight to Tulsa was extremely bumpy and the flight attendants were even allowed to get up to serve our peanuts and drinks. When we finally got to Tulsa Joe was waiting for us! It had been a long day of travel and were so glad to finally be there. We drove the 45 minutes back to Bartlesville. Kelly woke up when we got home and we all stayed up for a while hanging out. Finally at 4am, we all went to bed.

I was up 3 hours later with two excited young girls!

American Shopping Extravaganza!

On Monday, several of my friends from school came down for our American Shopping Extravaganza day! One of the girls in my class, Deb, is American and misses the shopping. So on spring break we had our first shopping day. It was so much fun - we planned a second.

Our group grew this time which was very fun! In addition to the original group of Deb and Heidi, the Lindsays joined us as well! We started the morning with lattes and muffins at our place and then hit the stores. We went to the discount grocery store, Target, lunch at Haggen, Labels (the best consignment store!), Ross, Costco and Trader Joes. By this point it was 6:30pm and we were out of room in the car so Deb dropped Heidi and I back off at my place and then went back for more!!

Restaurant 62 = AMAZING!!

After surviving our finals, my friend Heidi invited Phil and I to the restaurant that she owns with her husband, Restaurant 62 in Abbotsford. It was absolutely incredible!!! Eric, (her husband who is the manager) is a wine guru and paired amazing wines with all 5 of our courses! The food was absolutely amazing, the service impecable, and the wine delightful!!!

Phil and Eric had never met before so we spent the later part of the evening hanging out, drinking more yummy wine and espresso vodka (SO GOOD!!) and laughing harder than I have in years! Thanks for such a fun night Heidi and Eric!


Well, I survived finals.... sort of. My practical final went very well and I was happy with my grade. I took a day off on the weekend (it was gorgeous and sunny and we had barkmulch to lay out in the yard) and then hit the books hard. However, between writing a final on Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, I was pretty beat. Add to that a frustrating meeting with a prof and I kinda had a crying breakdown for an afternoon. I realize that's embarrassing to admit, but oh well. My friend Heidi and I went out for a drink to vent and then my darling hubby relaxed with me for the evening which all made me feel better. I hit the books hard again on Thursday and finally finished on Friday morning. YAY!!!!!

And then a bunch of us celebrated at the pub which was the perfect way to finish finals!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The end is within sight

On Tuesday I FINALLY finished classes for the semester. Although the first half of the semester flew by, it has been painfully slow since spring break. All of my papers and assignments are done and handed in which feels so good.

Today I have my practical final which I'm not really looking forward to. Basically, I pick from one of 4 scnearios then have to perform some nursing skills on a manequin. And to make the whole thing a bit weirder, we have to talk to the manequin like we would a patient and our evaluator responds for the manequin. WEIRD! My practical last sememster went well so I'm hoping for the same today.

Then next week I have 3 written finals then 11 blissful days off! We are going to Oklahoma during my break. I realize Oklahoma isn't exactly glamorous, but our friends Joe and Kelly got transferred there last summer and we haven't seem them since!!!

It's going to be pretty busy because we get back really late on a Monday night, then Wednesday I start class again, and Thursday we fly out for LA for the weekend for my bro-in-law's grad! Fun times!

The Lauders

Last weekend my good friend Jess married the love of her life, The David. It was a wonderful wedding that truly reflected them and their personalities!
We had a few hours to kill in between the ceremony and the reception. Although Becca and I wanted to go for a drink, we decided to be kid friendly and went to Starbucks with a bunch of our friends. But the families with kids had to go sooner than we did, so Becca, Phil and I found an Irish pub and enjoyed some beer before the reception! I got the yummy Irish sampler platter!
The girls all celebrating together.
The beautiful couple dancing
Phil and I

Pediatric Clinical Rotation

For the second half of the semester I was doing my pediatric rotation at Surrey Memorial Hospital. I was very blessed to have a wonderful group and a great instructor. Here's a few pics of us on our last day!

Salsa Dancing!

I recently went to a staguette party for my friend Jess. They had organized a night of dinner, then salsa dancing. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical since none of us had ever salsa danced before. Plus, it was a big group of girls - who would we dance with?

We got to the hotel where the dancing was a little bit late, but joined in to learn some basic steps. I was able to pick it up pretty quick. But then came the general dancing. Amazingly enough, there were a lot of guys there and many of them asked us to dance. So I got to salsa dance all night! Some of the basic spins are a lot like swing dancing, which I used to do a bit of, so that helped. And, you have to be a really good follow and just let the guy lead, something that I am also quite good at with dancing. We had a wonderful time and now I want to go again! It got me into such a dancing kick that I had to watch Dirty Dancing, and Dirty Dancing Havana nights!

Battle of the bananas!

Everyone in our house seems to like bananas, so we go through quite a few. The problem is that my freezer stock of bananas, the ones that I use for baking, was getting extremely low. So I got smart and bought 3 bunches of bananas on a Friday night thinking that some would be left over for me to freeze. An entire bunch was gone within 12 hours and all the bananas had dissapeared by Tuesday.

So I got smarter and bought this many bananas!
After a week I had 8 (of 45) bananas left that were nice and brown and ready for baking!