Saturday, February 16, 2008

Navigating Transit

I have been doing my long commute to UBC for nearly 6 months now. In that time, I have learned the value of a seat! On days where I get a seat for the ride home, I get lots of reading done, I'm not tired at the end of the ride, I'm happy and I'm ususally able to go home and work out. On days when I don't get a seat.... well, it's basically the opposite.

For the first semester I followed the route that the Translink website told me to take. Then I realized, that the site gives you the shortest route, not necessarily the fastest. So we (my friend Heidi and I) changed our route home. We now take the 99 to get to Broadway which comes every 2 minutes and only makes 4 stops between UBC and Granville (as opposed to our old bus which only came every 10 minutes and made who knows how many stops). But the best part about the 99 is that it gets us onto our White Rock bus several stops sooner which means - WE GET SEATS!!!

On Wednesday, I snuck out of lab a few minutes early because I wanted to try and catch the early bus home (otherwise I would have to sit around for an extra half an hour). I made it to Granville in time, got on the bus, got a seat, had my book out and was all ready for relaxing ride home.... until the bus driver announced there was a problem with the bus and everyone would have to get off. And one more thing, they weren't going to send an extra bus. So the already crowded 4 o'clock busses were now going to have a whole extra lot of people.

I decided that I didn't want to stand around for half an hour and I didn't want to stand the whole way home. So I got sneaky. I took a bus downtown, walked a few blocks, then got on my bus when there was still seats! And when we got to my usual stop, it was standing room only.

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Evangela's Blog said...

ha ha - - you're sounding so Vancouver! transit, yoga pants, yaletown ect - dinner parties - love it. the town really rubs off on you, ey?
enjoy those commutes and here's to always getting a seat on the damn bus!