Wednesday, January 09, 2008

America's smallest pub

A while back a friend told us about a small pub named Frank-n-Stein in Ferndale with really good beer. It was so small that it took us several months to find it on main street (and main street is only about 10 blocks long). We finally went in there tonight and it was quite the "small town" experience.

When we first walked in there were about 10 people there all standing around, talking and drinking beer. They started cheering when we walked in and called out welcomes to the "newcomers". The owner chatted with us for a few minutes, poured us some really good beers and even came by our table to chat for a bit. We saw a trophy saying it has won the Smallest Pub in America award for 4 years. The trophy said that it was only 460 square feet!

We will definitely be going back though - for $3.50 for a pint, how could we not? :)

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