Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yaletown Mommies

Today I went to a postpartum dropin at a community center in Yaletown. It was very interesting to listen to the discussion (today was about immunizations) and to see all of these new moms interact.

What was even more interesting, was the 3-fold fashion show!
1. Mommy fashions
2. Baby fashions.
3. Stroller fashions.

I was seriously shocked by the diversity and intensity of some of these strollers - it was crazy.

One more thing - there must be something special in the water in Yaletown because these women looked WAY too skinny to have just had babies! It was ridiculous!

Fashion Irony

I am often teased at school because I "look so nice" and I "dress up so much". What this translates to, is that I wear jeans with pointy boots and nice sweaters. It's not that I love dressing up, it's just that most of my clothes are business clothes. So now instead of putting them with skirts and dress pants, I pair them with jeans.

However, I am trying to convert to my new student ways and adapt the student uniform (in my program that consists of yoga pants and sweat shirts for the most part). Yesterday I wore what my friend Heidi calls my Sporty Spice outfit (jeans, running shoes, cute little sweatshirt). And of course, yesterday was the ONE day that I actually needed to dress up! I had remembere that I was going to a pre-natal class and that I wouldn't be home until late, but I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to look nice!

Of course it happens on the day where I dress totally casual, and not on a normal clothing day for me :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

2 full days and loving it

Last week I did two shifts at BC Women's hospital and I LOVED it!!! I worked with several families teaching them about bathing their baby, what is/isn't normal after childbirth, breastfeeding, took vitals, did all their assessments, etc. It was so much fun and I got wonderful families to work with.

I will admit it was a bit weird to teach these women about breast feeding since I do not even have children, but I'm sure that I will get used to it.

This week I don't get to go to the hospital :( because I'm doing community maternity work. It should be good, but not as much fun as the hospital. But when I go back the next week, I get to spend the day in labor and delivery, plus I will hopefully get to see a c-section.

What is up with the flip flops????

I was in the mall today and one of the stores had flip flops on display, front and center! I couldn't believe it. And then I went on to Target, and they have bathing suits out!!! What is up with that? I know that Christmas is over and we are nearly through January, but we are still a ways off from summer!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm only 9 days into my new semester and already it is SO MUCH BETTER than last semester. My classes are more interesting, my instructors are great, and the work load seems to be spread more evenly over the semester. It probably helps that I actually know my way around the school, have friends and know what to expect now.

The first part of my semester I'm doing Maternity and then after spring break I will swith to Pediatrics. I'm very excited for both of these! For maternity I got an incredible placement - BC Women's Hospital! And to sweeten the deal, my instructor is INCREDIBLE!!! We spent the day in class with her today and I was blown away by her amazing teaching style, passion and understanding. We have our first day in the hospital tomorrow and I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

America's smallest pub

A while back a friend told us about a small pub named Frank-n-Stein in Ferndale with really good beer. It was so small that it took us several months to find it on main street (and main street is only about 10 blocks long). We finally went in there tonight and it was quite the "small town" experience.

When we first walked in there were about 10 people there all standing around, talking and drinking beer. They started cheering when we walked in and called out welcomes to the "newcomers". The owner chatted with us for a few minutes, poured us some really good beers and even came by our table to chat for a bit. We saw a trophy saying it has won the Smallest Pub in America award for 4 years. The trophy said that it was only 460 square feet!

We will definitely be going back though - for $3.50 for a pint, how could we not? :)

Christmas with my family

We waited until my mum got back from Ontario to do Christmas with her so our Christmas lasted until January 4! Mum, Jackie, Dave and Emmalea all came over for dinner and stayed the night. We had a fun time together.
My mum got me a huge stainless steel bowl. I've been really wanting one since I didn't have any bit bowl and I have already used it twice this week! Thanks Mum!
PS - blogger and Picassa are being dumb so I can't post pictures. Sorry.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Caught up!

I think that I am finally caught up on all of my blogging. Thank you to the few faithful left out there who still check this.

Total sidenote, but I found out that you can post pictures directly from Picassa to your blogger account. So much faster!!

Happy New Year everyone!

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve was a busy night for me! We had been invited to a party, but Peter forgot his passport in California so he couldn't come up to Canada. Since we didn't want to leave him alone on new years, I went and made appearances at the parties and then came back hom.
So, I started by going to Julia's in Langley to celebrate Levi's second brithday. Then it was off to Coquitlam for a surprise going away party for Lisa and Rick which was so much fun. I left there about 9:15 and headed back to Ferndale to be with my hubby.
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More Christmas stuff

Here is our Christmas tree with our new star on top (it was a gift from Phil's mom).

The beautiful jewelry box Phil gave me. I also got a thermarest and a bunch of stuff to keep me warm when we go camping :)

This is the wine decanter and aerator that I got for Phil. It looks so cool when you use it and it makes the wine taste lovely without having to let it sit out and breath for half an hour.

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Christmas in Oregon

This year we went south to Phil's parents for Christmas. It rained so hard on the way down that all we could see was a haze of gray, but we finally made it! We had a great time relaxing around the house, going shopping in Eugene, and celebrating Christmas.
One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing my old roommate Candie! I hadn't seen her since our wedding since she has been off galavanting around Laos and Australia. It was a short visit, but it was wonderful to catch up and I got to meet her Laotian boyfriend, Lay (hope I spelt that right).

Here is Peter trying to lift a heavy gift.

Here is Peter not wanting to wake up on Christmas morning.

Phil opening his stocking.

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Christmas Tree

We went up to the mountains to get our tree again this year. Unfortunately, our good friends Joe and Kelly whom we normally do this with are in Oklahoma now, so it was just the two of us. But we had a good time and found a very pretty tree!

Now I can rest.... scratch that

On Wednesday December 12, I finished my grueling week of exams. I was so excited because I thought that I could finally start cleaning off my desk, Christmas shopping and decorating, relaxing, seeing friends, etc. I told Phil that I would go in and work at the warehouse where he works for a few days if they needed it. Boy, did they need it!

One of their clients started going nuts and putting through hundreds of orders every day! It's great for business, but it also meant some very long hours. Couple that with the plans that we had every single night of the week, and my first week "off" was crazy!

But then Christmas came and I did get to relax!

Dinner with the girls, and spouces, spices and sprouts

In the middle of finals, I got a reprieve from the insane studying and enjoyed a night with my girls and their families. We ate, drank and were merry! Thanks for a fun night girls.
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Nursing School

Here a few shots of nursing school!

This is the lecture hall that we sit in every day! It's kind of like a dungeon - no windows!

Heidi practicing saline locks in the lab.

A bunch of hot nurses waiting to do their practical exam.
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We came home from Lisa and Rick's wedding to a whole bunch of snow!! Since our driveway is so steep, we decided that we should shovel it, even though the weather forecast was calling for warmer weather. Working together, it took us an hour and a half! And the next day the pineaple express came through raising the temp to 13 degrees!!!

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Lisa and Rick's Wedding

Lisa and Rick got married on December 1 at a gorgeous wedding at the Listel hotel downtown on Robson. It was a beautiful snowy day and we all had a blast!
Lisa, who is a fashionista to say the least, had an incredible dress!!! Very designer and chic!
While the bridal party went to the Vancouver Library for photos (where they got kicked out I might add), a few of us went to the pub and enjoyed a beer and some lunch. I had grand intentions of studying for finals between the ceremony and reception, but needless to say, that did not happen.

Most of the guests were staying at the hotel, including us. It was so nice to just be able to walk downstairs. The reception had amazing food, funny speeches, and great dancing. Such a great night!!!

Congratulations again Lisa and Rick! And thanks for the great party!

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Lisa's Lingerie Party

These were just too good to not include! Sarah threw a lovely lingerie shower for Lisa and she got many nice things.... and she also got these!!! Gotta love the granny panties!

Lisa, Sarah, Ash and I having fun.

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Lisa's Staguette

One of my dear friends from high school recently got married which meant that we got to have a bachelorette party! 9 girls crowded into a room at the Westin downtown to get ready for a fun night on the town (we had a second room for sleeping later). I ended up being bartender (which is fine by me!) and made more cosmos that I could possibly count!!!

Getting ready all together is always fun, but there is an added benefit - you end up looking really hot!!! So off we went to Sanafir for dinner. The food was good, but overpriced. Oh well. At this point we started making Lisa do some of the things from the "list" that we had made for her. The best was getting a couple of guys to sing happy birthday to her.

Unfortunately, Lisa was a bit under the weather after all this and ended up going back to the hotel for a rest. Since she assured us that she would be back soon, the rest of us headed on to Republic. We actually had an escort bring us! It was really weird. Since we had reservations at the club, they sent one of their staff to pick us up at the restaurant and walk us over.

Although the club is normally very fun, being there at 9:30 meant that it was quite empty. We sat around for a bit, but finally went back to the hotel where Lisa was OUT!!! We went downstairs to just hang out and 20 minutes later Lisa shows up ready to go back out!!! Several of us were simply too tired by that point and declined, but the rest of them went out until 3 am!

Of course we had brunch the next morning too :)

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