Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crazy Busy!

The past week and a half has been nuts, meaning no blog posts from me. Sorry. Here is the catch-up:

- Got only 2 hours of sleep last Tuesday night because I was finishing my 20 page care plan. Thankfully, I finished it on time and that was my last paper of the semester.

- Got to have dinner with an old friend and catch up.

- Started working on the next group presentations.

- Had my good friend Jen come and stay for the weekend. We talked, relaxed, ate, watched MASH, and did homework.

- Had a good week at clinical

- Had my car break down. My wonderful husband came and rescued me at the hospital where I was stuck. He managed to get the car going and we got it to the mechanic. I'm hoping that it's just spark plugs and not anything else....

- Got to see some good friends that moved to California last year. They were up for Thanksgiving.(Phil and I with the Lucht Ladies from California)
- Had a girls martini night (always a good thing!)

- Did my debate in class along with a wonderful team of ladies. We won. (Really, was there ever any doubt of this :) )

- Took today off for thanksgiving.

There's my recap!

1 comment:

Jen Gilbertson said...

Not too surprised the car broke down. Thanks again for the weekend. It was good to hang out with you.