Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful indeed

This morning I awoke to a cold, but crystal clear day. As I looked out at the view from our home, I felt thankful for many things, including the gorgeous view.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crazy Busy!

The past week and a half has been nuts, meaning no blog posts from me. Sorry. Here is the catch-up:

- Got only 2 hours of sleep last Tuesday night because I was finishing my 20 page care plan. Thankfully, I finished it on time and that was my last paper of the semester.

- Got to have dinner with an old friend and catch up.

- Started working on the next group presentations.

- Had my good friend Jen come and stay for the weekend. We talked, relaxed, ate, watched MASH, and did homework.

- Had a good week at clinical

- Had my car break down. My wonderful husband came and rescued me at the hospital where I was stuck. He managed to get the car going and we got it to the mechanic. I'm hoping that it's just spark plugs and not anything else....

- Got to see some good friends that moved to California last year. They were up for Thanksgiving.(Phil and I with the Lucht Ladies from California)
- Had a girls martini night (always a good thing!)

- Did my debate in class along with a wonderful team of ladies. We won. (Really, was there ever any doubt of this :) )

- Took today off for thanksgiving.

There's my recap!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fat Boy

Phil has a cat (I'm not a big cat fan, so I refer to them as his cats) named Bandit that is all fluff! He is a huge cat and has earned the nickname Fat Boy. Our cats are outdoor cats and mostly live in our garage. Yesterday I was taking a nap on the couch and when I woke up, I saw THIS next to me!

Sarah's b-day

Last week we went to my friend Sarah's house to celebrate her birthday. She's the hot one in the middle with black sweater and red top.

Here's me and my friend Lisa! Gotta grab the pictures while we can - she is moving to Australia in January!

Wind + Garbage Day = Bad Idea

Phil and I didn't sleep very well last night because it was SO WINDY outside! It was so loud and we kept waiting for a branch to smash through one of the windows. I was kind of expecting some trees down or something when we got up, but everything was intact.

Since it's garbage day, I lugged our bin down to the curb and tried to secure it as best as I could. By the time Phil drove away 30 seconds later it had already blown over. Thus began my battle - me vs. the garbage bin. I went down several times to pick it up and try to stabilize it.

Part of the problem is that the bin didn't weight that much. I try to recycle and compost as much as I can which means that we don't have that much garbage. When it fell over again I thought that I would get smart this time! So I went to the shed, grabbed a shovel and several garbage bags and headed to the wheelbarrow which has some excess dirt in it from projects this summer. I'm sure that it was quite the site - gripping the garbage bag for dear life in my left hand, and trying to wield a huge shovel with my right. With much dificulty, I finally got two shovels worth in the bag. Even with that weight, the bag was still flying in the air.

Finally I got enough in the bag to hopefully weigh down the garbage bin. I struggled to get it down to the curb to put it in the garbage bin... except that there was no garbage bin. I looked up and down the street and couldn't see it anywhere! So I start walking up a little side street that is about 400 yards long. The road goes up a bit and then down into a cul-de-sac. I finally saw a garbage bin on it's side at the end of the cul-de-sac, but I figured that it must be the people from that house. Our bin could not possibly have blown that far! But it did.

So I picked up the bin and trecked back to our house. I felt quite stupid lugging it up the street and to make it worse, the wind was blowing so hard that at several points I couldn't even move forward!

So after these adventures, I decided to just put the bin back up by the house. We'll catch garbage day next time.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gong Show!

So my family decided to do a family portrait this year that my mum can bring back to our relatives in Ontario when she visits them this Christmas. Sounds like a delightful idea. However, the implementation of this idea was a GONG SHOW!!!

We all (Jackie, Dave, Emmalea, Mum, Phil and I) went down to Wal-mart on Monday night. After finally getting all situated and huddling up close to fit in the picture we all slapped smiles on our faces. And this is where the wonderful photographer that we had would start waving the little stuffed frog and saying "Look at the froggie! Smile at the froggie!" in the attempt to get my precious little niece, who was up past her bedtime I might add, to smile. The problem with that is that it would sometimes take a bit to get Emmalea to smile. In the meantime, we are all starting to get sore cheeks from smiling, not to mention laughing over the froggie and the ridiculousness of it all.

To compound the night, we have several people in our family, who in spite of being very good looking, simply aren't very photogenic. So between getting Emmalea to smile, and having all of us look decent too, it was quite the endeavor. I felt so bad for the photographer for having to deal with us, but she was a really good sport about it.


This past weekend Phil and I joined our good friend Kevin in Portland for the ski and snow show. Kevin was working a booth at the show for the hotel he works for in Leavenworth, the Icicle Inn. It was so nice just to get away for the weekend and relax!

While we were down there, we drove another hour south and visited Phil's mom for the afternoon (his dad was out of town). She was so excited to see us and we had such a great visit!

Saturday evening we went back to Henry's - a wonderful little "tavern" that we found last year. It's got a really cool atmosphere and, more importantly, 50 different kinds of beer on tap!!! It was so yummy!!!

The other fun part of our trip was the Addidas sale that was going on in the pavillion next to the snow show. Addidas was clearing out 5 years worth of extra stock which meant that everything was SUPER cheap!!!