Monday, October 22, 2007

My messed up weeks

I have a pretty good school schedule: Monday and Tuesday I'm at Peace Arch Hospital for clinicals (usually from 7:30-3) and on Wednesday through Friday I go out to UBC. Sounds good.... except that I keep getting all messed up.

Monday and Tuesday go by so quick, and often they don't feel like school - they kind of feel like work. Then on Wednesday I go out to UBC and see all my friends, and I always want to ask them how their weekend was. I haven't seen them since the weekend and thus, Wednesdays feel like Monday. However, by the time I get home from school, make dinner, tidy up and sit down with the books, I'm pretty beat. So then on Thursday, I'm so tired that it feels like Friday. Like I said, my week is all messed up.

But then Friday.... glorious Friday!!! comes along. We get out of lecture at 3 on that day and then I'm free to go home for the weekend!!! Granted the weekend is usually filled with studying and on Monday I start the whole confusing process again.

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